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Artist To Watch: Parlement

It’s been a while since we’ve had an “Artist To Watch” but Parlement is definitely one to keep your eye on.  This Spanish rock band just released a brand new video for their song “Little Liar” and we’re loving the fresh new music just in time for Summer!

Parlement have that nostalgic rock sound from the eighties and nineties that really dig into your ribs and make you dance along.  The band, consisting of singer Stefan, guitarist Javi, drummer Carlos, and bassist Raul, blended the best of gritty garage and smooth indie rock to create an album that we’ll be putting into heavy rotation!

Watch the animated video for “Little Liar” below.

Parlement’s new album “Be Machinery/ You Oughta Be In Pictures” is now available on Amazon.

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The Strypes Debut “Now She’s Gone” From New Album “Little Victories” Out August 21

The Strypes just released a new video for their song “Now She’s Gone” and it’s a doozie of a song!  Musically, this song is what we’ve come to love from the UK lads – retro but not forced, solid from start to finish with vocals that are unique in today’s musical landscape.

The Strypes are set to release their next album, “Little Victories,” on August 21st in the UK.  The singles they’ve released so far are everything we’ve been missing from our playlists in recent months and we’re envious of those who get the album first!  While we wait for the album Stateside, check out the official deluxe album track listing below!

The Strypes – “Little Victories”
1. Get Into It
2. I Need To Be Your Only
3. A Good Night’s Sleep And A Cab Fare Home
4. Eighty-Four
5. Queen Of The Half Crown
6. (I Wanna Be Your) Everyday
7. Best Man
8. Three Streets And A Village Green
9. Now She’s Gone
10. Cruel Brunette
11. Status Update
12. Scumbag City
13. Fill The Spaces In
14. Lovers Leave
15. Rejection
16. G.O.V.

Watch the new video for “Now She’s Gone” now.

Pre-order your copy of “Little Victories” on iTunes UK or Amazon UK now and get three tracks instantly!  We’ll just patiently wait for the release in the US.

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New Politics Release “West End Kids” From Upcoming Album “Vikings”

New Politics have just announced their third album and a brand new single to go with it!  The new album will be called “Vikings” and will be released on August 14th, 2015.

The new single is called “West End Kids” and we’re sure it’s in the running for “song of the summer” this year.  Known for their arena sized sing along choruses, the Danish band hail from the “west end” of Copenhagen and wanted to pay homage to their hometown in their brand new single.

Listen to the new track below!

Pick up a copy of “West End Kids” on iTunes or Amazon now!

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Shawn Mendes Premieres “Never Be Alone” Video

The excitement for Shawn Mendes’ debut album, “Handwritten,” is getting real.  He keeps surprising us with more amazing things, from tour dates to meet and greets to new songs.  Shawn just premiered the video for another track from his album, “Never Be Alone.”  Watch it below!

Pre-order your copy of “Handwritten” on iTunes now!  The album isn’t out until April 28th, but we’re sure Shawn will make sure we’re not alone during the long wait.

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TLC Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Final Album

TLC announced they are working on their 5th and final album – but they need your help!   They launched a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the album, and are asking fans to contribute.  Why?   This way fans can be involved and TLC will maintain creative control.  As they wrote, “While major labels offer artists multimillion dollar recording and marketing budgets, they don’t often give artists complete control of their own music. It is ESSENTIAL that we create our final album completely on our own terms, without any restrictions, with YOU.”

This will be the first TLC album recorded by Chilli and T-Boz as a duo.  Like with any Kickstarter, you can get rewards for your contribution, ranging from a digital copy of the album once it’s released, to a TLC slumber party.  You can contribute to TLC’s Final Album HERE!   The campaign ends on February 19th, with a goal of $150,000.

We hear TLC might be heading out on tour soon … stay tuned for an announcement and practice singing “Waterfalls!”

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Selena Gomez Releases “The Heart Wants What It Wants” From “For You” Album Out 11/24

Major fangirling is happening in the office this morning because Selena Gomez just released new music!  “The Heart Wants What It Wants” is off of Selena’s upcoming “For You” album, which features all of her greatest hits, along with new remixes.  There’s even a cover of “Bidi Bidi Boom Boom” by the original Selena.  (It’s listed as being performed by Selena Gomez & Selena, so we’re not sure what kind of magic happened in the studio).  Watch the video for “The Heart Wants What It Wants” below!  And join us in playing Selena music all day to celebrate.

Selena Gomez “For You” Tracklisting
1. The Heart Wants What It Wants
2. Come & Get It
3. Love You Like A Love Song
4. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know
5. Who Says
6. My Dilemma 2.0
7. Round & Round
8. Forget Forever
9. Slow Down
10. A Year Without Rain
11. Naturally
12. Mas
13. Bidi Bidi Boom Boom
14. Falling Down
15. Do It

Pre-order “For You” on iTunes now and get “The Heart Wants What It Wants” instantly!

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Pre-Order Nick & Knight’s Album & Watch Video for “One More Time”

We are huge boy band fans here at SecretFangirls.com, so we are thrilled that two of our favorite members, Jordan Knight of NKOTB and Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys, are teaming up once again for a joint album and tour.   Having seen both acts live (NKOTBSB was by far the greatest concert of our lives), we have to say that both Jordan and Nick are the members that consistently BRING IT each and every night of tour.  We can’t wait to see what happens when they team up on stage.  Check out all of their tour dates HERE!

Watch the video for their first single “One More Time” below!

You can pre-order their album, “Nick & Knight,” on iTunes now!  You’ll get an instant download of “One More Time” and a new track, “Paper.”  The album will be released on September 2nd, just enough time for you to learn all of the words before the tour starts.  Check out the track listing below!

Nick & Knight Tracklisting
1. “One More Time”
2. “Nobody Better”
3. “Switch”
4. “Drive My Car”
5. “Take Me Home”
6. “Deja Vu”
7. “If You Want It”
8. “Paper”
9. “Just The Two Of Us”
10. “Halfway There”

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Taylor Swift’s New Album “1989” To Be Released October 27th!

Taylor has been teasing us with “big news” for a few weeks now.  All was finally revealed in a Live Stream today hosted by Yahoo!   And when Taylor says big news, she MEANS it.  She kept dropping surprise after surprise, just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more news.  In case you missed it, here’s what you need to know!

Taylor’s 5th studio album will be released on October 27th!  The album, named “1989,” gets its title both from the year Taylor was born, and for the “late 80s pop” inspiration for the album.  That’s right: this is the first full, purely pop album from Taylor.  (Didn’t we all know it was headed in that direction?)  There will be a deluxe edition available, with 3 extra tracks, and each physical copy of the album will include 13 Polaroids.

While there isn’t a tracklisting for the album yet (she can’t reveal everything!)  You can pre-order the album on iTunes now and get an instant download of her new single, “Shake It Off.”

Taylor also performed “Shake It Off,” during the live stream.  And then she dropped the video.  Watch it below!

While we’re a little sad Taylor is leaving her country roots behind completely (her first album will always be our favorite), we’re excited to hear the next evolution of her sound.  And, as she likes to follow the same patterns, we’re pretty sure that we’ll have a date in 2015 at the Prudential Center for the “1989” Tour.  (Tour dates were the one thing she didn’t announce today…she covered literally everything else you could hope for!)  Taylor did reveal that she will be hosting a contest and giving 1,989 lucky fans the chance to win a meet & greet on tour.  Visit TaylorSwift.com for more info on how to enter!

This weekend T. Swfit will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards.  Tune in to MTV on Sunday, August 24th at 9PM EST to watch!

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Pre-Order Heffron Drive’s Debut Album “Happy Mistakes” Out September 9th!

Heffron Drive announced that their debut album, “Happy Mistakes,” will be released on September 9th!  The album was a long time coming, as band mates Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt have been making music together since 2008.  They put the project on hold so Kendall could join a little group named Big Time Rush, but now Heffron Drive is back in full swing.   We love that they had a fan design the album art.  Listen to their latest single, “Parallel” below!

We’re looking forward to finally getting studio versions of “One Track Mind” and “The Art of Moving On,” which we’ve only ever heard performed live!   Check out the full tracklisting, for the regular and deluxe albums, below.

Heffron Drive “Happy Mistakes” Tracklisting
1. Happy Mistakes
2. Parallel
3. Division of the Heart
4. Had to Be Panama
5. Nicotine
6. ‘Interlude
7. Art of Moving On
8. Passing Time
9. Could You Be Home
10. That’s What Makes You Mine
11. Everything Has Changed
12. One Track Mind*
13. Not Alone*
14. Love Defined*
15.Parallel (Remix)*
16. Could You Be Home (Remix)*
*Deluxe Edition Only

You can pre-order the album now on iTunes or Amazon!  If you’re seeing HD on tour this fall, you’ll be able to buy a copy at the show (even before it’s released!)   As if you needed another reason to see them on tour.  Check out all the dates here!

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Taylor Swift Yahoo! Livestream August 18th

After dropping several indecipherable clues last week (which all make perfect sense now, looking back), Taylor Swift finally revealed her big news.

Taylor is having a livestream on Yahoo! on August 18th at 5pm EST.  If you’re in NYC, you can enter to win a chance to attend in person!  We’re guessing (and hoping) that she’ll be announcing some news about the new album!    Which if her usual pattern continues, should be out in October.  Taylor will also be performing at the VMAs on August 24th….maybe playing some new material?

Tune into to Yahoo! on August 18th to find out!

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