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Former Richmond natives, now Los Angeles locals Broadside are about to release their most pop sounding record into the world.  The bands’ sophomore effort, aptly titled “Paradise,” is due out June 16th on Victory Records – just in time for Summer.   Ollie, Niles, Pat, and Dorian have taken a massive step forward on this record showcasing how many different influences and how “weird” they can get on a record while still maintaining their pop punk roots.

 We got the chance to sit down with Broadside after their set on the Real Friends Tour in New York City to chat about what’s on their tour rider, their go-to karaoke song, who they would fangirl over, and their own ideas of “Paradise.”  Watch the interview below and get to know your new favorite kings of Pop Punk! 

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Newcomer Mackenzie Sol is no stranger to the spotlight and he’s a certified triple threat: he can sing, act, and dance! He even has a couple of tricks up his sleeve for when things get too ordinary.  Mackenzie’s fun, upbeat personality shines through in his brand new single “Laugh.” The catchy track will certainly get you hyped for Summer and you’ll find yourself singing along in no time!

Mackenzie trained at the Royal Academy of Ballet in London, which helped him land the lead role in “Billy Elliot” in London’s West End.   He’s also been given the stamp of approval from “Dance Moms” star Abby Lee Miller and Simon Cowell.  It’s safe to say that Mackenzie is ready for his big break here in the United States!

Mackenzie recently scored a partnership with AwesomenessTV, and a role in the upcoming movie “PUPStar 2.”

Watch our interview with Mackenzie Sol and find out who he has fangirled over, what we can expect from the music video for his latest single “Laugh, and his most embarrassing moment that he totally had to laugh off!

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We’ve been hyped about Aussie trio Chase Atlantic for the better part of a year and a half and we’re stoked they’ve emerged from hiding with a new sound that is equal parts electronic pop, vibe-y rock, and hip-hop.  Mitchel, Clinton, and Christian dropped the first three songs of what will become their full length album earlier this year and they’re not slowing down with the second set of tracks aptly titled “Part Two.”  The guys just dropped a mini movie for their new song “Triggered” and it flows perfectly with the world they’ve have built around the tracks.

We got the chance to speak with Christian, Mitchel, and Clinton about their new songs, what’s next for Chase Atlantic, and the night they partied with The Weeknd and Drake!  Read our interview with the guys below and get into it. You guys just put out “Part Two” of what you’ve said will add up to your debut album.   What made you decide to release the new music this way?
Chase Atlantic: We haven’t released music for awhile now, and we wanted to show growth/progression of our sound leading up to the full length release.

You released the video for “Into It” on Snapchat and you’ve been putting the separate single videos together to create a total visual experience. What can we expect from the full “part two” or the final album visual experience?
Your mind will be blown!

“Cassie” was inspired by the character the show Skins and you’ve said you’re pretty big fans of that show. What other shows are you obsessed with right now?
Anything from Parasite/ Tokyo Ghoul (Anime’s) to Stranger things. We usually don’t watch a lot of TV but we highly recommend watching those Anime’s even if you’re not into cartoons. They will literally change your outlook on life! Also, we may have a song based around one of the shows coming out very soon! 😉

How would you describe a Chase Atlantic show for someone who hasn’t seen you live before?
We tend to be a lot more adventurous live. It’s like a rock show meets a hip hop show, we would encourage everyone to come see for themselves!

What are some “must haves” on your tour rider?
Our manager Andrew Spalter, and The Heinekens (or Bud Light, please sponsor us).

What artist would you or have you totally “fangirled” over if you met? Any stories?
We met Abel (The Weeknd) at a bar called Delilah in West Hollywood. We saw him at the bar and we told him how he was a big inspiration to us, and how much we respect him. He was very kind, and very down to earth. We partied together after hours and Drake privately DJ’d for us, it was a fun night.

What’s next for Chase Atlantic?   Any plans for more shows or a US tour?
Keep releasing quality content, and hopefully look to tour before the full album is released.

Where can we find you on social media?
You can find us on twitter:
. @ChaseAtlantic
. @ClintonCave
. @MitchelCave
. @Christiaantho

. @ChaseAtlantic
. @ClintonCave
. @MitchelCave
. @TheChristianAnthony

Or just search Chase Atlantic anywhere online! If you tend to forget names just think about the bank (Chase) and the ocean (Atlantic).

Watch the brand new video for “Triggered” now!

Don’t forget to grab a copy of “Part Two” on iTunes or Amazon. Interview Drawing North

Australia is showing the world that they’re more than just beautiful beaches filled with cute surfer dudes, kangaroos around every corner. The continent is home to talented artists like 5SOS, Keith Urban, and Flume.  Drawing North are the latest musical export to come to the United States from Australia.  Po, Drew and Jake blend fun new wave electronica sounds with an indie band’s work ethic.

Drawing North got their start writing pop demos in a garage, and quickly built a fanbase in their hometown of Canberra, Australia. They sold out their first ever headlining show and have toured  across the continent, playing festivals like Vans Warped Tour Australia and Australia Celebrates live.  Joel Madden of Good Charlotte showed his love for the band, and we can’t think of a better endorsement!

The band is ready to take the US by storm!   Drawing North are about to release their brand new EP that has a new sound for the band with the same heartfelt lyrics fans have come to love from Drew, Po, and Jake.   We got to sit down with the guys recently to chat about who they would fangirl over, their must haves on tour (dogs!), and their new single “Stay” that comes out on April 5th.  Watch our interview and get to know your new favorite Aussie band!

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If you haven’t heard of Seaway yet, you’re about to!  We first caught the band opening for Sorority Noise and Knuckle Puck almost a year ago and we’ve been hooked on their catchy pop punk tunes ever since.  Singer Ryan Locke, guitarist/vocalist Patrick Carleton, guitarist Andrew Eichinger, bassist Adam Shoji, and drummer Ken Taylor have perfected the art of crafting hook filled songs like “Slam”, “Airhead”, and “Trick (So Sweet)” that you can’t help but sing along to!  They also put on a super fun, high energy live show that is not to be missed. 

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Seaway are currently on tour with fellow Canucks, Simple Plan in honor of the 15th Anniversary of “No Pads No Helmets…Just Balls.”  The tour officially kicked off in Florida last week and includes a stop in NYC on Saturday at Playstation Theater.  We can’t wait to hear them play their massive debut album front to back.  Catch us in the pit raging like our 13-year old selves would have wanted!

We had the chance to talk with Seaway guitarist Andrew Eichinger about what’s on their tour rider, and what to expect from the next Seaway album.  Read our interview with Andrew below! You just kicked off the Simple Plan “No Pads No Helmets Just Balls” 15th Anniversary Tour for such an iconic pop punk album. What are you looking forward to most on this tour?
Andrew Eichinger: We’re really looking forward to playing in front of a ton of new people and doing our best to win them over. But it will also be very cool to see Simple Plan play that album front to back. Being from Canada, it was such a huge record for us when we were like 9/10 years old, so to be on this tour is one of those full circle moments for us and we’re super excited.

How would you describe a Seaway show in 3 words for those who haven’t seen you live before?
High Voltage Party

What are some “must haves” on your tour rider?
Nacho chips, queso and salsa. Not too spicy though lmao ;)~

Do you have any pre-concert rituals?
Not really. We’re pretty boring honestly. Usually just have a couple suds.

What artist have you or would you totally fangirl over if you met?
Shania Twain or Alanis Morissette.

The nostalgia is in full force with your album “Colour Blind” from the art to the sound.  What artists are your biggest influences as a band?
I think late 90’s / early 2000’s pop punk bands like Blink, Sum 41, New Found Glory and even Simple Plan are the obvious ones on that record because that’s the stuff that we grew up on. But we’re influenced by all kinds of different artists and bands on the pop and rock side of things that come out a little on Colour Blind and will continue to, on our next record.

You’ve been teasing photos from the studio lately, what can fans expect from a new Seaway album?
It’s hard to say right now but based on the songs we have it will be a natural progression from everything we’ve done in the past, but there will definitely be some new twists and turns in there as well.

Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?
Shout out to the fans who are spending a little more than usual to come see us on this tour. It means a lot to us to have our fans there wildin out while we play in front of a sea of people that haven’t heard us before.

Catch Seaway on tour with Set It Off and Simple Plan on the “No Pads No Helmets…Just Balls” 15th Anniversary Tour!

Grab a copy of “Colour Blind” on iTunes or Amazon so you can sing along on tour!

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Country is just full of new faces and Brieanna James is ready for her turn in the spotlight!  This fresh faced 18-year-old songbird just released her debut single, “Hot,” co-written with Kelsea Ballerini. The single will take you back to sticky hot Summer days where you wish for a sprinkler to run through and a nice cold sweet tea…oh yeah and a super hot guy to hand you that sweet tea!   Brieanna has a fun country-pop sound and we can’t wait to hear more from her soon!  She has been hard at work on her upcoming EP.

We had the chance to talk to Brieanna about who she would fangirl over, what it was like to write with Kelsea, her dream tour lineup and more!  Read our interview and get to know Brieanna James below.  Pickup a copy of “Hot” on iTunes now! How would you describe your songwriting style?
Brieanna James: To be honest,  I don’t know if I have a certain style of songwriting.  I write every genre of music and I try to create new sounds and melodies so I can change things up a bit.  I usually stick to the idea of love when I write because it’s my favorite thing to write about, but I just love writing in general.  I have two sides to me. The sassy, flirty, light hearted side and  the deep and serious “I’m in love” or “I got my heartbroken” side.  When I’m extremely emotionally attached to a song, it usually comes out as a more serious or “deep” song.

What was it like writing your debut single with Kelsea Ballerini?
Kelsea Ballerini is awesome! I’m a huge fan! I love her music. Honestly, it was such a blessing that I scored a cowrite with her.  You can really learn so much from artist you respect and admire.

What artist do you look up to/whose footsteps would you like to follow?
Taylor Swift.  I love her and plus if I had to choose any artist footsteps I’d like to follow it would definitely be her.

Who would you, or who have you, totally fangirled over?

Okay, so there I was enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant called BIRDS in Los Angeles with my parents and this guy comes walking down the hall behind where I was seated.  I turned and looked and I guess my brain was short-circuiting because I stared at the beautiful 6′ 4″ God made hottie for a full 6 seconds before I realized that it was my ULTIMATE celebrity crush… NICK BATEMAN.  By the time I realized it was him he was walking right directly behind me and my immediate and natural reaction was to make this really loud gasping noise.  Everyone in the restaurant heard it, including him!  My parents, who were bickering at the time, stopped and said “What?!” And I said… “That’s Nick Bateman!” My mom was probably as excited as me. Long story short, I finally walked up to him, talked to him, and got a picture with him. (HE LIKED MY INSTAGRAM PICTURE GUYS!) Oh and btw, I’m 18, but the guy is like 29 years old.  So yeah I kinda always knew it was never happening for us. However, it never really hit me till I met him and I realized he probably looked at me like I was a child.  The height difference didn’t help either. So basically, my dreams were met and crushed all in one day.

If you could only take 1 album with you on a road trip, what would you bring?
I’d probably pick a Taylor swift album, like her very first album, or maybe “Fearless.” It’s just… Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift?!

Do you have any pre-concert rituals?
Just a lot of practice.  I run over my lyrics again and again even though I know I have them down. I just wanna make sure I don’t mess up, ya know? So those two things, and I pray.

How would you describe a Brieanna James concert in 3 words?
Well, I can’t completely answer this because I haven’t performed a full blown Brieanna James concert like I want to yet. However, when I do, I can tell you that there will probably be lots of lights, and fire, and ashes, and rain, and pyrotechnics!  I wanna be able to entertain people and put on a real show! I want people to leave with memories that will never leave them!

Who would be on your dream lineup, yourself included?

There way too many!  The dream would be Sam Hunt and Taylor Swift.  I would be thrilled to tour with Kelsea Ballerina, Brett Eldredge, I’m a big fan of Dan + Shay also!

What can fans look forward to from you in 2017?
Fans can look forward to new music, my first EP, more shows and some other exciting stuff I have in the works.

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We caught up with pop duo Fly By Midnight before their show at Webster Hall in NYC.  Justin Bryte and Justin “Slavo” Slaven make infectious pop music with clever lyrics that turn any show into one big party.  They’ve gathered quite a following on social media with their fun covers and original songs and videos.  (Please go watch the video for “Brooklyn” if you haven’t already.)   We got to hear even more of their original music during their set at Webster Hall and it’s SO.  GOOD.  They are an artist you need to know and if you ever get the chance to see them live, go!

Watch our interview below and get to know Fly By Midnight!  Find out how the duo came together, who they’d fangirl over and more. The guys had recently dropped the music video for their new single, “Karaoke,” before the interview, so of course we had to ask them to sing their go-to karaoke song!

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