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The Strypes Debut “Now She’s Gone” From New Album “Little Victories” Out August 21

The Strypes just released a new video for their song “Now She’s Gone” and it’s a doozie of a song!  Musically, this song is what we’ve come to love from the UK lads – retro but not forced, solid from start to finish with vocals that are unique in today’s musical landscape.

The Strypes are set to release their next album, “Little Victories,” on August 21st in the UK.  The singles they’ve released so far are everything we’ve been missing from our playlists in recent months and we’re envious of those who get the album first!  While we wait for the album Stateside, check out the official deluxe album track listing below!

The Strypes – “Little Victories”
1. Get Into It
2. I Need To Be Your Only
3. A Good Night’s Sleep And A Cab Fare Home
4. Eighty-Four
5. Queen Of The Half Crown
6. (I Wanna Be Your) Everyday
7. Best Man
8. Three Streets And A Village Green
9. Now She’s Gone
10. Cruel Brunette
11. Status Update
12. Scumbag City
13. Fill The Spaces In
14. Lovers Leave
15. Rejection
16. G.O.V.

Watch the new video for “Now She’s Gone” now.

Pre-order your copy of “Little Victories” on iTunes UK or Amazon UK now and get three tracks instantly!  We’ll just patiently wait for the release in the US.

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