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About Us:
We are a couple of twenty somethings living in NYC as part-time professionals and full-time fangirls.  We love music and are nostalgic for the 90s, but always looking out for the next best thing.  Stay tuned for updates on some of our old and new favorite artists, and tips for all of the current and aspiring fangirls out there!

Although she has spent the last few years working in public relations, B got her start interning at Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and Elle, while studying Communications at NYU.  Since missing the opportunity to see *NSYNC in concert, she’s made it her mission to go to as many concerts as possible, and has been to nearly every venue in the tristate area, from CBGBs to the Barclays Center.  

K has wanted to work in music as long as she can remember, and finally got the chance when she interned in the marketing department of Warner Brothers Records, and in public relations at both a boutique agency and a truly independent label.  She studied broadcast journalism in college, and frequently obsesses over bass lines in songs.  And she doesn’t even play bass.  She did teach herself guitar and a bit of piano.  

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