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The Friday Five: The Splat

Nickelodeon announced this week that they are expanding their 90s TV lineup with a new programming block called “The Splat.”  “The Splat” will air every night from 10pm to 6am (no more staying up until Midnight to catch “Hey Arnold!”) and feature all your favorite 90s Nick shows.  Here are some of our favorite shows we hope to see on the lineup when it launches October 5th!

1. “Hey Arnold”
Unlike some shows, “Hey Arnold” is just as awesome as it was when you were also in 4th grade.

2. “Doug”
Doug and Skeeter were such fangirls for The Beets (so are we).

3. “Clarissa Explains It All”
The 90s fashion icon.

4. “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”
The show’s theme song by Polaris was just one of the many amazing things about Pete and Pete.

5. “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?”
Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society…

The Friday Five: TV Show Theme Songs

There are some people who hit the skip button on Netflix when marathoning a TV show as soon as the credits start to appear.  We are not those people.  Isn’t part of the fun of a marathon singing along to the theme song every 46 minutes?   Here are some of our favorite TV show theme songs.

1. “I Don’t Want To Wait” – Paula Cole
Theme to “Dawson’s Creek”
Several of the seasons on DVD have a substitute theme song.  We guess Paula Cole didn’t want to be remembered as “the person who sang the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ theme song.”  Way too late. We’ll still burst into “I Don’t Wanna Wait” when the credits start to roll.  And something just feels off with the new theme song, almost like putting in a new cast member.

2. “California” – Phantom Planet
Theme to “The O.C.”
The greatest TV show of all time also has one of the greatest theme songs of all time.  Music was such an important part of the show -and we were thrilled to find out that Seth Cohen had our same taste in music. Raise your hand if you’re still searching for your own Seth Cohen.  So are we.   When we hear any song from the series, we can immediately picture what scene from “The O.C.” it went along with.

3. -“Hey Sandy” – Polaris
Theme to “The Adventures of Pete & Pete”
Did you know that the band Polaris was specifically formed to create the music and theme song for “Pete & Pete?”   The band recently reunited and are out on tour this Fall. Nickelodeon was on point in the 90s with their programming because this show was SO GOOD!  It was also extremely strange but that’s probably why us 90s kids turned out the way we did.  Can we double dog dare someone to get a Petunia tattoo and make her dance?

4.  “Camp Anawanna” – Cast of “Salute Your Shorts”
Theme song to “Salute Your Shorts”
Another Nickelodeon show that was super bizarre but it made us wish our parents sent us to sleep away summer camp.  “Salute Your Shorts” was only on the air for two seasons but it was the best two seasons of our lives!  Bet you still remember all the words to  this TV show theme song/camp fire sing-along.

5. “Boy Meets World” Theme Song
Theme song to “Boy Meets World”
It’s hard to believe that the song we all associate with the series was only added in the later seasons of the show.  The opening credits went through several versions before landing on this one.  The theme song to the series’ spinoff, “Girl Meets World,” is pretty great, too.  It’s good to know I have friends who will always stand by me.


Pretty Little Liars Summer Premiere is Tonight!

One of our favorite things about summer is ABC Family’s lineup!  This of course includes the return of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight!   But as much as we love this show, we’re often frustrated by the amount of questions that go unanswered.  Here’s what we’ve been dying to know since that crazy cliffhanger in March!  Let’s see how many are answered this season…

1.  Is Mr. Fitz (our favorite character) alive?  We are going to go with yes, since the PLL account posted a picture of Fitzy on their Twitter page.  BUT he could always be filming a flashback, and you never know with this show!  We’re hoping he’s alive, but even more than that we’re hoping this isn’t dragged out for more than the first 5 minutes of the premiere (It will be).

2.  Speaking of Fitz, is he really evil?  We’ve been asking this question since last year, so we think it’s about time we got some REAL answers here.   (We so don’t buy that whole “writing a detective novel story.”)  We’ve always thought something HAD to be wrong with him, and as we found out he was very creepily involved with Allison (boardshorts!)  But we need more answers!   And more Fitzy screen time!

3.  Who will be the resident hot new guy?  There is one every season, and we’re looking forward to meeting the new one.  The PLL casting department does an outstanding job.  Where do they find these boys?

4.  Now that Caleb is done talking to the ghost of Macy Misa in Ravenswood, can he please come back to Rosewood?

5.  We need more scenes with Toby.  Where is he?   Is he still with Spencer?  We can’t keep up.   Also we just thought of the time that Toby (Keegan Allen) was on Big Time Rush modeling with James Maslow, and now we’ve just realized how much we’d love to see him on Dancing With the Stars…

6.  Where is Jenna?  Did she run off with Jackson from Hannah Montana?  We feel like she probably has some answers that she’s withholding from us.

7.  How do these girls have perfect hair all the time?  Between school and work (not that we’ve ever seen anyone crack a book), and you know, being stalked by a team of crazy psychopaths, how do they find the time?  If it were us, we would be a HOT MESS.


Tune in to ABC Family at 8pm Tuesday, June 10th to watch “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 premiere and find out if any of our questions are answered!

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Nickelodeon’s WebHeads With Carlos PenaVega Premieres Tonight!

Hosted by Big Time Rush member, Carlos PenaVega, Webheads is a new kind of gameshow that tests your knowledge of Internet trivia and viral videos!

We always thought Logan would be the game show host (Breakout Dreams anyone?) but we’re glad that now Carlos is will be appearing on our TVs every week!  An adorable ball of energy, Carlos is perfect for a game show host!  We caught him hosting an Apple in-store event last summer for GoDance, and he seemed just as home as he does on stage.

Carlos also revealed to Ryan Seacrest today that Big Time Rush is meeting in a few weeks to possibly plan a fall tour … needless to say we need to make this happen!  The band has been spending this year working on their own projects:  Kendall Schmidt released a single, “Parallel,” and  is touring with band Heffron Drive; James Maslow won hearts across America as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,”  and Logan Henderson has…wait has anyone heard from Logan?!

Watch the show preview below and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 6PM on Nickelodeon!  Carlos will be live-tweeting the premieres on both the East & West Coasts, so get your questions ready!  Follow Carlos on Twitter to join in!

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First Look: “Girl Meets World”

We’ve been majorly fangirling since we first heard the announcement that one of our favorite shows of all time, “Boy Meets World,” was getting a sequel!

We finally have the first look at the new series, “Girl Meets World,” which follows Cory and Topanga’s daughter, Riley.

The series is sure to be a hit with everyone who remembers watching the show growing up, and if it’s anything like the original, we’re sure a new generation of fans will follow.

It seems 90s nostalgia is at an all time high this year, but hey we’re not complaining!  (Perfect conditions for an *NSYNC reunion, right?)

Still no word on the premiere date, but the show has already been ordered for a full season!   We’ll definitely be tuning in to see Cory and Topanga.  And fingers crossed Shawn & Eric will be making an appearance or two!

Friends With Better Lives Premieres Tonight!

When we hear the phrase “comedy on CBS,” this is generally something we prefer to avoid.  But, the premiere of tonight’s “Friends With Better Lives” could change that.   We have higher than average hopes for this one, given the ensemble cast they’ve pulled together.  So we’ll be giving this one a chance!  Tune in tonight to CBS at 9pm EST to check it out!

1.  James Van der Beek!
While admittedly he was never our favorite character on “Dawson’s Creek “(that would be Pacey Witter), it just wouldn’t have been The Creek without him.  We absolutely LOVED James on “Don’t Trust The B,” where he played a caricature of himself.  (We are still mourning the loss of this show a la Bill Hader.  If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix or Hulu ASAP!)

2. Brooklyn Decker
Andy Roddick is one of our favorite people of all time, and it turns out his wife Brooklyn is just as awesome.

3.  Maria from Roswell!  (Majandra Delfino)
We recently rewatched this classic 1990s teen drama, and are glad to see her back on TV!  (If you are also planning on rewatching Roswell, we suggest stopping after season 1).

4.  Kevin Connolly
Aka Eric from Entourage!

Check out a preview for the show below

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Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Airs Tonight! Will Ali Really Tell All?

Earlier this year, before the Winter Premiere of Pretty Little Liars, we posted some questions we wanted answered before the end of the season.  Let’s see how they’ve done so far.

1.  Is Mr. Fitz (our favorite character) really evil?  Or is he just faking being a member of the A-team, like Toby?   Although we’ve been saying all along Mr Fitz is so perfect something HAS to be wrong with him, so it wouldn’t surprise us if he has been A all this time…
Answered?:  NO.  And we still don’t buy this whole “I’m just writing a detective novel” story…

2.  What happened to Gregg Sulkin, Mr. Fitz’s little brother?  (He will always be Gregg to us thanks to this commercial from Disney)  Nothing warms your tum like soup made by your mum!
Answered?:  NO.  Gregg has been filming another TV show, but the reason for his character’s departure was never answered in the show.

3.  Can we have more shirtless scenes with Jason?
Answered?:  Yes!  He finally reappeared in last weeks episode, so he’s got one more chance to take it off!

4. Where is Toby?  I don’t think we see enough of him, and we would like more.  Has he been modeling?
Answered?:  Not enough Toby!  We have no idea where he is.  Does he go to school?  Does he have a job?  We forgot.

5. What ever happened to that cute guy, Andrew, from the decathlon team that Spencer was playing “strip study” with?
Answered?:  He came back!  He’s the one that got Spencer re-hooked on drugs!

6.  How do the girls have time to do their hair every morning? When do they do their homework? How do they have so much time before school? We could barely get dressed and out the door before the first bell!
Answered?:  WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA.  Although props for making Spencer look realistically tired/how a drug addicted high school student who is being stalked by an unnamed physchopath should look for a few episodes!

7.  Is Caleb going to come back from Ravenswood?  We tried watching that show and gave up after 1.5 episodes, so we have no idea.  We hope Macy Misa is okay.
Answered?:  Yes, because it seems the rest of America and ABC Family gave up on Ravenswood too, and it was canceled.  And someone just told us Macy Misa was a ghost on this show.  So, welcome back to Rosewood, Caleb!  Sorry Hanna has been kissing literally every single male she’s spoken to since you left!

Answered?:  Last week’s episode was the first time we’d seen multiple parental units in one episode this season, with the exception of Mrs. DiLaurentis (who may or may not be A).  So,  No.

Tune in to ABC Family at 8pm Tuesday, March 18th to watch “Ali Tell All.”  But will she answer any of OUR questions?   Probably not, but we’ll tune in anyway.

Watch the Finale Promo Below:

Main photo from Keegan Allen’s Instagram