Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Airs Tonight! Will Ali Really Tell All?

Earlier this year, before the Winter Premiere of Pretty Little Liars, we posted some questions we wanted answered before the end of the season.  Let’s see how they’ve done so far.

1.  Is Mr. Fitz (our favorite character) really evil?  Or is he just faking being a member of the A-team, like Toby?   Although we’ve been saying all along Mr Fitz is so perfect something HAS to be wrong with him, so it wouldn’t surprise us if he has been A all this time…
Answered?:  NO.  And we still don’t buy this whole “I’m just writing a detective novel” story…

2.  What happened to Gregg Sulkin, Mr. Fitz’s little brother?  (He will always be Gregg to us thanks to this commercial from Disney)  Nothing warms your tum like soup made by your mum!
Answered?:  NO.  Gregg has been filming another TV show, but the reason for his character’s departure was never answered in the show.

3.  Can we have more shirtless scenes with Jason?
Answered?:  Yes!  He finally reappeared in last weeks episode, so he’s got one more chance to take it off!

4. Where is Toby?  I don’t think we see enough of him, and we would like more.  Has he been modeling?
Answered?:  Not enough Toby!  We have no idea where he is.  Does he go to school?  Does he have a job?  We forgot.

5. What ever happened to that cute guy, Andrew, from the decathlon team that Spencer was playing “strip study” with?
Answered?:  He came back!  He’s the one that got Spencer re-hooked on drugs!

6.  How do the girls have time to do their hair every morning? When do they do their homework? How do they have so much time before school? We could barely get dressed and out the door before the first bell!
Answered?:  WE STILL HAVE NO IDEA.  Although props for making Spencer look realistically tired/how a drug addicted high school student who is being stalked by an unnamed physchopath should look for a few episodes!

7.  Is Caleb going to come back from Ravenswood?  We tried watching that show and gave up after 1.5 episodes, so we have no idea.  We hope Macy Misa is okay.
Answered?:  Yes, because it seems the rest of America and ABC Family gave up on Ravenswood too, and it was canceled.  And someone just told us Macy Misa was a ghost on this show.  So, welcome back to Rosewood, Caleb!  Sorry Hanna has been kissing literally every single male she’s spoken to since you left!

Answered?:  Last week’s episode was the first time we’d seen multiple parental units in one episode this season, with the exception of Mrs. DiLaurentis (who may or may not be A).  So,  No.

Tune in to ABC Family at 8pm Tuesday, March 18th to watch “Ali Tell All.”  But will she answer any of OUR questions?   Probably not, but we’ll tune in anyway.

Watch the Finale Promo Below:

Main photo from Keegan Allen’s Instagram

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