Pretty Little Liars Summer Premiere is Tonight!

One of our favorite things about summer is ABC Family’s lineup!  This of course includes the return of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight!   But as much as we love this show, we’re often frustrated by the amount of questions that go unanswered.  Here’s what we’ve been dying to know since that crazy cliffhanger in March!  Let’s see how many are answered this season…

1.  Is Mr. Fitz (our favorite character) alive?  We are going to go with yes, since the PLL account posted a picture of Fitzy on their Twitter page.  BUT he could always be filming a flashback, and you never know with this show!  We’re hoping he’s alive, but even more than that we’re hoping this isn’t dragged out for more than the first 5 minutes of the premiere (It will be).

2.  Speaking of Fitz, is he really evil?  We’ve been asking this question since last year, so we think it’s about time we got some REAL answers here.   (We so don’t buy that whole “writing a detective novel story.”)  We’ve always thought something HAD to be wrong with him, and as we found out he was very creepily involved with Allison (boardshorts!)  But we need more answers!   And more Fitzy screen time!

3.  Who will be the resident hot new guy?  There is one every season, and we’re looking forward to meeting the new one.  The PLL casting department does an outstanding job.  Where do they find these boys?

4.  Now that Caleb is done talking to the ghost of Macy Misa in Ravenswood, can he please come back to Rosewood?

5.  We need more scenes with Toby.  Where is he?   Is he still with Spencer?  We can’t keep up.   Also we just thought of the time that Toby (Keegan Allen) was on Big Time Rush modeling with James Maslow, and now we’ve just realized how much we’d love to see him on Dancing With the Stars…

6.  Where is Jenna?  Did she run off with Jackson from Hannah Montana?  We feel like she probably has some answers that she’s withholding from us.

7.  How do these girls have perfect hair all the time?  Between school and work (not that we’ve ever seen anyone crack a book), and you know, being stalked by a team of crazy psychopaths, how do they find the time?  If it were us, we would be a HOT MESS.


Tune in to ABC Family at 8pm Tuesday, June 10th to watch “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 premiere and find out if any of our questions are answered!

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