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Friends With Better Lives Premieres Tonight!

When we hear the phrase “comedy on CBS,” this is generally something we prefer to avoid.  But, the premiere of tonight’s “Friends With Better Lives” could change that.   We have higher than average hopes for this one, given the ensemble cast they’ve pulled together.  So we’ll be giving this one a chance!  Tune in tonight to CBS at 9pm EST to check it out!

1.  James Van der Beek!
While admittedly he was never our favorite character on “Dawson’s Creek “(that would be Pacey Witter), it just wouldn’t have been The Creek without him.  We absolutely LOVED James on “Don’t Trust The B,” where he played a caricature of himself.  (We are still mourning the loss of this show a la Bill Hader.  If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and check it out on Netflix or Hulu ASAP!)

2. Brooklyn Decker
Andy Roddick is one of our favorite people of all time, and it turns out his wife Brooklyn is just as awesome.

3.  Maria from Roswell!  (Majandra Delfino)
We recently rewatched this classic 1990s teen drama, and are glad to see her back on TV!  (If you are also planning on rewatching Roswell, we suggest stopping after season 1).

4.  Kevin Connolly
Aka Eric from Entourage!

Check out a preview for the show below

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