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Listen To James Maslow’s New Track “Circles”

James Maslow has been hard at work in the studio recording solo music and he just released a brand new song on his Soundcloud called “Circles.”  The new track comes just before James’ scheduled concert at the inaugural StreamCon in New York City.  James’s electronic sound is a step up from his BTR past and we can’t wait to hear more music from JD Mazz.  Listen to “Circles” below!

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James Maslow Premieres “Lies” on SoundCloud

James Maslow has taken the first step into the music world as a solo artist with a brand new single, “Lies” which he performed live for the first time at VidCon in Los Angeles.  He’s been busy in the studio writing songs for what we hope to be his debut solo album!   We can’t wait! James, may we suggest the album cover and name as “Breakout Dreams?” Although that really was too much cloud.

Listen to the single on James’ SoundCloud and watch James perform the song for the first time below!   We hope he’ll incorporate some choreography into his future performances, as well all know the man can DANCE.

James will also be performing at the Stream Con in NYC!  Get all the info HERE.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the single on iTunes and Amazon now.

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The Friday Five: Boyband Draft

It’s boyband week over at Billboard.com, AKA the greatest thing ever.  Every week should be boyband week.  In honor of the occasion, Billboard staffers held a fantasy boyband draft, assembling their dream teams.  For this week’s Friday Five, we decided to get in on the fun and do our own boyband draft and create 2 super boybands: J5 and *Big Time Boys on the Block°.  The only rules were that you can’t pick 2 members from the same band.  Check out our picks and vote for your favorite!

Team A: J5 (JC, Joey, James, Jeff and Jesse)

JC Chasez
One of the greatest male vocalists, ever.  He can still hit ALL the notes, and he hasn’t aged a day since “Bye Bye Bye.”

Joey McIntyre
Just watch this performance from The Main Event Tour, and you’ll know why Joey is the MVP of any boyband.  Those vocals.  Those moves.  Those abs.

James Maslow
We knew James was a national treasure during Big Time Rush’s run, but he further proved it in his run to the final 3 of “Dancing With The Stars.”   Enjoy.

Jeff Timmons
Jeff has had the most uh, interesting post-boyband career.  He brings the moves for sure.  Fun fact we somehow just discovered: He was part of a “man band” on VH1 called “Sureshot” with Chris Kirkpatrick, Rich Cronin and Bryan Abrams in 2007.

Jesse McCartney
The most underrated former boyband member (Dreamstreet!).  His last single, “Punch Drunk Recreation,” and the accompanying video (where J Mac basically leads his own boyband) have not gotten nearly enough love.

Team B: *Big Time Boys on the Block°

Nick Carter
Nick has had his struggles in the past but he overcame them and continues to BRING IT every night on stage giving 110% during every show.  He also likes to make up his own moves on stage which is always A+ in my book.

Donnie Wahlberg
Do you watch NKOTV every week on A&E?  NO??  You should.  It’s the greatest night for television and you’ll see why Donnie Wahlberg is my top pick for boyband.  He knows how to treat the fans, he’s great to his wife (secret fangirl: Jenny McCarthy) and his family.  Plus – watch this video for further proof of A+ boybanding.

Nick Lachey
Another former boyband member who has a TV show about his own restaurant (“Raising The Bar” on A&E every Wednesday night.)  Let’s face it, Nick Lachey was the best looking member of 98* and he’s been the most successful – aside from Jeff Timmons’ stripper revue.

Kendall Schmidt
Kendall has seamlessly transitioned into boyband member to acoustic singer-songwriter while not alienating any fans from either end of the spectrum.  He’s got a good voice, and whether he wants to admit it or not – this boy can DANCE!  Plus, he’s got great hair.

Joey Fatone
He appeared on Hannah Montana, dancing with the stars, various food critic reality shows, and he’s still the most underrated member of *N SYNC.  Let’s not forget that Joey was also in “On The Line” with Lance.

James Maslow to Perform at Stream Con in NYC 10/31!

Yesterday was James Maslow’s 25th birthday, and he decided to celebrate by giving a gift to all of his fans!  James announced he is performing at Stream Con in NYC this October!   James has been busy working on solo music since his run to the finals of “Dancing With The Stars” last year, and this will be one of his first solo performances.  We can’t WAIT to hear what he has in store, because he was always one of our favorites from Big Time Rush.  We can only hope that he’ll continue to dance, because on both BTR and DTWS, he totally crushed it.  The Vine below pretty much sums up our excitement about James’ announcement.

Visit the Stream Con website for more info on James’ performance, which will be on Saturday, October 31st.   He will be doing a meet and greet as well, so stay tuned for more info!

Stream Con
October 30-November 1st
Javits Center – New York, NY
Buy Tickets

Watch James’ last cover of “Cheerleader” below.

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Pretty Little Liars Summer Premiere is Tonight!

One of our favorite things about summer is ABC Family’s lineup!  This of course includes the return of “Pretty Little Liars” tonight!   But as much as we love this show, we’re often frustrated by the amount of questions that go unanswered.  Here’s what we’ve been dying to know since that crazy cliffhanger in March!  Let’s see how many are answered this season…

1.  Is Mr. Fitz (our favorite character) alive?  We are going to go with yes, since the PLL account posted a picture of Fitzy on their Twitter page.  BUT he could always be filming a flashback, and you never know with this show!  We’re hoping he’s alive, but even more than that we’re hoping this isn’t dragged out for more than the first 5 minutes of the premiere (It will be).

2.  Speaking of Fitz, is he really evil?  We’ve been asking this question since last year, so we think it’s about time we got some REAL answers here.   (We so don’t buy that whole “writing a detective novel story.”)  We’ve always thought something HAD to be wrong with him, and as we found out he was very creepily involved with Allison (boardshorts!)  But we need more answers!   And more Fitzy screen time!

3.  Who will be the resident hot new guy?  There is one every season, and we’re looking forward to meeting the new one.  The PLL casting department does an outstanding job.  Where do they find these boys?

4.  Now that Caleb is done talking to the ghost of Macy Misa in Ravenswood, can he please come back to Rosewood?

5.  We need more scenes with Toby.  Where is he?   Is he still with Spencer?  We can’t keep up.   Also we just thought of the time that Toby (Keegan Allen) was on Big Time Rush modeling with James Maslow, and now we’ve just realized how much we’d love to see him on Dancing With the Stars…

6.  Where is Jenna?  Did she run off with Jackson from Hannah Montana?  We feel like she probably has some answers that she’s withholding from us.

7.  How do these girls have perfect hair all the time?  Between school and work (not that we’ve ever seen anyone crack a book), and you know, being stalked by a team of crazy psychopaths, how do they find the time?  If it were us, we would be a HOT MESS.


Tune in to ABC Family at 8pm Tuesday, June 10th to watch “Pretty Little Liars” season 4 premiere and find out if any of our questions are answered!

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Nickelodeon’s WebHeads With Carlos PenaVega Premieres Tonight!

Hosted by Big Time Rush member, Carlos PenaVega, Webheads is a new kind of gameshow that tests your knowledge of Internet trivia and viral videos!

We always thought Logan would be the game show host (Breakout Dreams anyone?) but we’re glad that now Carlos is will be appearing on our TVs every week!  An adorable ball of energy, Carlos is perfect for a game show host!  We caught him hosting an Apple in-store event last summer for GoDance, and he seemed just as home as he does on stage.

Carlos also revealed to Ryan Seacrest today that Big Time Rush is meeting in a few weeks to possibly plan a fall tour … needless to say we need to make this happen!  The band has been spending this year working on their own projects:  Kendall Schmidt released a single, “Parallel,” and  is touring with band Heffron Drive; James Maslow won hearts across America as a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars,”  and Logan Henderson has…wait has anyone heard from Logan?!

Watch the show preview below and don’t forget to tune in tonight at 6PM on Nickelodeon!  Carlos will be live-tweeting the premieres on both the East & West Coasts, so get your questions ready!  Follow Carlos on Twitter to join in!

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The Friday Five: Our Favorite “Dancing With the Stars” Contestants

In honor of Monday’s “Dancing With the Stars” finale, and our man James Maslow making it  to the finals, for this week’s Friday Five we’re looking back at our favorite DWTS contestants!

1. James Maslow
We cannot say enough good things about James, and are so happy to see him in the finals! He’s consistently improved week after week, and is such a passionate performer.  We’re glad everyone can see what us Big Time Rush fans have known all along!  Now if James could just take his new dance skills on the road on another BTR tour…

2. Lance Bass
The last time we were this invested in DWTS was the season of Lance Bass and Cody Linley in 2008.  We’ll never forget Lance’s iconic Jitterbug, where he lost his shoe in the finals but still managed to come in 3rd place!  (He should have won)

3. Cody Simpson
Oh, Cody.  You left way too early, but at least we got this “Surfboard” dance before you went!  We’re looking forward to seeing him back on the finale – we hear he’s been working on something amazing.

4. Joey McIntyre
Boy band members make the BEST contestants.  They have the moves, know how to charm a crowd, and have fangirl voting power.  We welcome any and all current and former boy band members to join the cast.  (Other former DWTS boy banders include Joey Fatone and Drew Lachey)

5. Aaron Carter
Aaron oh Aaron, what are we going to do with you?  Partner Karina Smirnoff managed to keep Aaron focused enough to make it to week 8!  He’s definitely got the moves and made each dance fun to watch.

Bonus: Cody Linley

And in case you were wondering what Cody Linley has been up to since DWTS, he released a single called “Breathe” in 2010.  You’re welcome.