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LFO Announce Summer Tour

New Kids On The block had a bunch of hits Chinese food makes me sick.  And we think it’s fly when bands stop by for the Summer, for the Summer!  The 90s are totally back in style and LFO know they’re still the lytest and funkiest ones!  The guys announced that they’ll be hitting the road for a Summer tour so dig out those butterfly clips, shimmy into some Abercrombie flare leg jeans and match your frosted lipstick to your bandana halter top.  LFO are coming to steal your honey like they stole your bike, hitting cities across the US including a New York City show in July.

Brush up on your rhymes and sweet dance moves, and grab tickets to this tour while they last! Check out the dates below.  Tickets go on sale this Friday, April 21st.

LFO Summer 2017 Tour
July 21st – High Dive – Gainesville, FL – Buy Tickets
July 22nd – Hooligans Music Hall – Jacksonville, NC – Buy Tickets
July 25th – Jammin Java – Vienna, VA – Buy Tickets
July 26th- The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA – Buy Tickets
July 27th – Gramercy Theatre – New York, NY – Buy Tickets
July 28th – Fish Head Cantina – Halethorpe, MD – Buy Tickets
July 29th – Musica – Akron, OH – Buy Tickets
July 30th – Studio @ The Waiting Room Upstairs – Buffalo, NY – Buy Tickets
Aug 1st – Hard Rock Cafe – Pittsburgh, PA – Buy Tickets
Aug 2nd – Rumba Cafe – Columbus, OH – Buy Tickets
Aug 3rd – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC – Buy Tickets
Aug 4th – Eddie’s Attic – Decatur, GA – Buy Tickets
Aug 5th – Backbooth – Orlando, FL – Buy Tickets

Watch the video for “Summer Girls” below.

Grab a copy of LFO’s self titled album on iTunes or Amazon so you can sing along on tour.

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The Friday Five: Timeless Summer Jams

Every year, it seems one song and one alone must be anointed the “Song of the Summer.”  While this year’s SOS is still under debate (we’ve already shared our picks!), we prefer those songs you can play year after year that will instantly transport you to summer.

1.  LFO – “Summer Girls”
This was a huge hit for the Lyte Funky Ones in the summer of ’99.  The lyrics made no sense, but that’s part of the beauty of this song and it’s educational pop cultural references. (Macauley Culkin was in “Home Alone.”)  We wonder how many guys have tried the line “you look like a girl from Abercrombie & Fitch.”

2. New Kids On the Block – “Summertime”
Jones Beach 1998.  Come on! New Kids on the Block have a bunch of hits, like their first official single after their reunion 2008!  This was one of the most exciting things to have ever happened in fan girl history.

3. Aaron Carter featuring Baha Men – “Summertime”
Nothing screams summer like AC and the Baha Men hangin’ with the honeys and enjoying the sun. 

4. Selena Gomez – “Summer’s Not Hot”
The temperature says 99 and it can get much hotter so come on over Romeo and Vamos a la playa!

5. Jessie James – “Boys In The Summer”
Because we totally agree, boys DO look so much hotter in the summer.  The video for this is everything summer should be – swimming in a lake with your friends and driving around in an open top jeep singing at the top of your lungs.

Forgotten Boybands Who Should Reunite in 2014

It’s been an amazing couple of years for boyband aficionados such as ourselves.  It all started when NKOTBSB (that’s New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, duh) announced they would be joining forces for a tour in 2011 (arguably the best tour of our entire lives).  The next year, 98 Degrees reunited!   We still aren’t sure if the t-shirt we got at their Mixtape Festival show has a picture taken in 2002 or 2012.  They’ve aged EXTREMELY well.  And of course 2013 brought us the Package Tour: NKOTB, 98 Degrees, AND Boyz II Men.  What more could a boyband fangirl ask for?  Well then we got the greatest gift of all: NSYNC REUNITING AT THE VMAs (yes, we have to write this in all caps every time we mention it, because OMG!)  We should actually thank Big Time Rush for all of these boyband reunions, because they brought boybands back.  Alright?

While we impatiently wait for that NSYNC reunion tour, which unfortunately doesn’t look possible for this summer as Justin Timberlake will still be out on his 20/20 Experience World Tour, we thought about which OTHER boybands could reunite in 2014 to fill the void…

1.  5ive – They were the original Simon Cowell boyband.  Their first single, “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” debuted at number 10 in the UK, but had little success in the United States. Their second single, “When The Lights Go Out” was certified Gold in 1998. They made a few bad decisions along the way, like turning down a song called “Bye Bye Bye…”

Who can forget their iconic choreographed dance scene cameo in Disney’s “Smart House”

2.  2ge+her – Okay, so they were created as a joke but they’re still iconic in boyband history. We still find ourselves breaking out into their hit song “U + Me = Us (Calculus)”

3.  BBMak
Remember when they were on Even Stevens?  Pretty sure “Back Here” was also played on every single WB show.

4. O-Town
Apparently, this is already actually happening.  They recently launched a Twitter page and keep hinting at future music.

We wanted to share the official music video here, because it’s amazing, but someone has managed to faceblock it from the internet.  In summary: the boys bring a boom box to the laundromat and dance around in their muscle tanks.

6. Dream Street
Baby.  JMAC.

7. LFO
Otherwise known as the Lyte Funky Ones, they made it impossible for a generation to say “Abercrombie & Fitch” without thinking of this song.  (or is that just us?)

8. The Original Menudo
with Ricky Martin.  If you’re into these pants, you can buy them now at American Apparel!  In the women’s department.


9. Boyzone
We’ve actually never heard of them before, but this is an amazing name, so yes.

10.  The Moffatts
This band has FOUR brothers!

11. S Club 7
This isn’t strictly a boyband, but they are still awesome.  Remember their show on ABC Family?

But really, WE JUST WANT AN *NSYNC REUNION!!  Please?