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Danielle Bradbery Premieres “Young in America” Video!

Danielle Bradbery just released the video for her new single, “Young in America.”   Check it out below!

She’s currently on the We’re Not Invisible Tour with Hunter Hayes and Dan + Shay.   One of the highlights of the show is her acoustic duet with Hunter to her song “Endless Summer.”

After wrapping the tour at the end of the month, Danielle has lots of upcoming shows this summer.  Check out the dates below!

Danielle Bradbery Summer 2014 Tour Dates
May 25th – Capitol Lawn – Washington, DC
May 29th – James Brown Arena – Augusta, GA
May 30th – Pensacola Civic Center – Pensacola, FL
May 31st – Germain Arena – Estero, FL
June 6th – CMA Fest – Nashville, TN
June 8th – US 131 Motosports Park – Martin, MI
June 13th – Winstock Country Music Festival – Winsted, MN
June 14th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 15th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 16th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 17th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 18th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 19th – Hard Rock Hotel – Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
June 28th – Summerfest – Milwaukee, WI
July 6th – Mohegan Sun Arena – Uncasville, CT
July 12th – Lincoln County Fair – Troy, MO
July 16th – Clinton County Fair – Plattsburgh, NY
July 18th – Warnlock Lake Park – Atchison, KS
July 22nd – Elkhart County Fair – Goshen, IN
July 23rd – Rock County 4H Fair – Janesville, WI
July 26th – Guthrie’s River Ruckus – Guthrie Center, IA
August 1st – Resorts Casino – Atlantic City, NJ
August 3rd – Boots & Hearts Festival – Bowmanville, Canada
August 7th – Kenley Centennial Ampitheatre – Layton, UT
August 8th – Montanafair – Billings, MT
August 9th – Logan County Fair – Sterling, CO
August 23rd – Great Frederick Fair – Frederick, MD
August 29th – Carrington Pavilion – Danville, VA
August 31st – Daniel Boone Pioneer Festival – Winchester, KY
September 10th – Washington County Fair – Abingdon, WA
September 27th – Hillsdale County Fair – Hillsdale, MI

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Hunter Hayes’ “Storyline” Is Out Now!

Hunter Hayes’ sophomore album, “Storyline,” just debuted at #1 on the Country Charts & #3 overall!  It’s his highest charting album to date, and his second #1 on the country charts.   It’s also one of our favorite albums of the year this far.   On his self-titled debut, Hunter recorded every instrument and vocal himself.  (He plays over 30 instruments).   For “Storyline,” it was a more collaborative process, as Hunter recorded with his touring band:  Sam Ellis, Devin Malone, Matt Utterback, and Steve Sinatra.   Check out our track-by-track review!

“Wild Card”
What a fun way to open a record!  This uptempo song is definitely one of our favorites on this album.  It’s the perfect opening number too, as we saw during our Storyline release week shows!  The song is a nice reminder to always be yourself – you never know who loves your little quirks!

The title track for Hunter’s sophomore effort was actually written pretty late in the writing process but it’s a great concept of living one’s life – like it’s a story that’s still being written!

Likely the second single off the album, Hunter plays this as part of the encore on the “We’re Not Invisible Tour.” Even the first time hearing it, you find yourself singing along. And we basically haven’t stopped singing or listening to it since our first Storyline release week show!   This should be a big summer hit for Hunter!  If it does well, he said at his iHeartRadio show that he’ll get a tattoo of “your name.”

“Still Fallin”
Every album needs a love song! Hunter’s songwriting is definitely showcased in this song. Everyone who has ever been in love can totally relate to what he’s singing about – being with someone for so long and still falling in love with them every minute of every day.

The first single released from the album is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt powerless and invisible.  The song is especially powerful and moving when the whole arena is singing along.

“You Think You Know Somebody”
If you ever had any doubts as to Hunter’s talent just watch his guitar solos in this song. This is definitely “as angry as it gets” on this album, as Hunter likes to say.  (Hunter’s angriest song would actually be “More Than I Should” – you can literally feel it from the first note he plays)

“Flashlight “
Hunter said this song was written as a follow up to “Faith to Fall Back On.” It’s definitely one to remind you there’s a light at the end of every tunnel and that no matter how dark it gets, there are people right next to you ready to help you find your way.

“Secret Love”
The anthem for every band member that’s ever been told to lie about having a girlfriend (fyi we all know the truth anyway so might as well just be honest). Hunter sings about a secret relationship which just makes us wonder who it could have been (we’re a gossip free zone so we’ll leave the guesses to you!)

“Nothing Like Starting Over”
This track is kind of the anthem for everyone who has ever let out a huge sigh of relief for starting over. Hunter really nailed it with this song, too.

“If It’s Just Me”
We always think this is Dan+Shay when the song starts, but once we realize it’s Hunter, we understand why they’re touring together.

“Love Too Much”
In a world where showing love is a delicate balance, Hunter croons “You can never say love too much”. Hunter is definitely a “lover not a fighter” and that is displayed in his ballads. Who doesn’t love a guy that’s not afraid to show his sensitive side!

Get your copy of Storyline on iTunes now & visit HunterHayes.com for any of Hunter’s upcoming tour dates!

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Dan + Shay + You Acoustic Session!

It’s no secret that one of our favorite new artists is Dan + Shay.  Their debut album, “Where It All Began,”  was released last month, and we’ve been playing it nonstop!  So we were thrilled to finally see them live on the “We’re Not Invisible Tour” with Hunter Hayes!  Before they opened the show for thousands of people, Dan + Shay had a small, acoustic set backstage for around 30 people.

The acoustic session was one of the most unique artist experiences we’ve ever had.  The intimate gathering allowed for the duo, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, to interact and connect with their fans on a more personal level.   Their acoustic-driven sound was perfect for the up-close setting.  And gave us a reason to just have one big sing along to songs off their album that they wouldn’t be playing in their set later that evening, like “Party Girl”

Dan + Shay also played a new song, “Sway,” for the first time ever!  They said the song could be on their “next album,” but we are already loving it!  We found ourselves swaying (pun intended) and singing along the first time we heard it.    Shay’s voice gives us chills.  Check it out below!

Following the acoustic set, Dan + Shay were first to open the We’re Not Invisible Tour.  They opened with our favorite song, “What You Do To Me,” and closed with their new single, “Show You Off,” which just was just added to country radio.  We’re even bigger fans of Dan + Shay than before, and can’t wait to see them again!  Not only is this duo extremely talented, they are also funny, gracious and sweeter than sweet tea on a hot summer day.

Check out all of their upcoming tour dates here!  Visit Dan+Shay.com for more details on the Dan + Shay + You experience.

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Hunter Hayes Releases Title Track from New Album, “Storyline!”

Following his performance of “Invisible” on the Academy of Country Music Awards, Hunter surprised us by releasing the title track from his sophomore album, “Storyline,” out May 6th!   This is one of our most anticipated albums of the year, and we can’t wait to hear more from Hunter!

Check out the video below for behind-the-scenes photos of the making of “Storyline!”

You can pre-Order “Storyline” on iTunes now and get an instant download of “Invisible,” “Wildcard,” and “Storyline!”

Catch Hunter on the “We’re Not Invisible Tour” this Spring!  You can also join Hunter in the “24 Hour Road Race to End Child Hunger,” as he performs a record 10 shows in 24-hours!

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Dan + Shay Perform “19 You + Me” on The Ellen Show

Our favorite country music duo, Dan + Shay, performed their hit single “19 You + Me” on The Ellen Show last week.  As Dan Smyers tweeted, it was exactly 1 year after they wrote the song together!

This was one of the first major TV appearances for the duo (they also stopped by Good Morning America last week!) and Shay Mooney sure made an impression – make sure you watch around the 2:30 mark!  We still have chills.

Dan + Shay’s debut album “Where It All Began” has been #1 on the iTunes Country charts since it’s release!   You can catch them on the We’re Not Invisible Tour with Hunter Hayes this Spring!

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The Friday Five: Albums We’re Looking Forward To in 2014

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for The Friday Five! This week, we’re picking five upcoming albums that we are totally excited to hear. So, let’s get started!!!

1. AJR – Title and Release Date TBD
AJR’s unique sound makes us excited about music again! The indie pop band, comprised of brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met, are the true definition of an independent, DIY artist.  We’ve loved every song we’ve heard from them so far (seriously, it’s impossible to pick a favorite), and can’t wait to hear more!  They’re tentatively naming their debut album “Living Room,” as much of the album was written, produced and recorded from their parents’ living room in NYC.  The album should be released sometime this Spring.  Are you ready?

While you wait for the album, make sure to download their EP 6foot1!

2. Hunter Hayes – “Storyline” (due May 6th)
Hunter is another artist who makes us excited about music again. The multi-talented singer not only wrote or co-wrote every track on his self-titled debut, he also played the 30+ instruments used in the recording.  We had the opportunity to attend his “Encore” release concert at Webster Hall last summer, and were blown away by his musicianship.   We’re thrilled to finally be seeing Hunter live again on the “We’re Not Invisible Tour,” and for his new album, “Storyline!”   And have you heard about how you can be a part of Hunter’s attempt to break the world record for most concerts in 24-hours?

You can pre-order “Storyline” now and get an instant download of the tracks “Invisible” and “Wild Card!” 

3. Dan + Shay – “Where It All Began” (due April 1st)
We hadn’t heard of country duo Dan + Shay until they were announced as the opening act on Hunter Hayes’ “We’re Not Invisible Tour,” but it was love at first listen when we heard their single “19 You + Me.”  The duo met last year in Nashville, and started writing together the next day.   If the rest of their album is anywhere near as good as the tracks they’ve released so far, including “What You Do To Me” and “Show You Off,” we may have our new favorite summer album.

You can pre-order their debut album, “Where It All Began,” now and get an instant download of all 3 tracks!

4. Austin Mahone – Title and Release Date TBD
It’s hard to believe that after releasing so many hit singles, we STILL don’t know when Austin’s debut album will be released.  Austin just wrapped up his first headlining tour with MTV, and we’re hoping we’ll have an announcement for a new tour and album before the summer!

Be sure to follow Austin on Twitter for updates and get his latest single, “MMM Yeah” on iTunes!

5. The Vamps – Title TBA  (due April 14th in the UK; US Date TBD)
Unfortunately for now there is no US release date for this album, but we are eagerly awaiting the release date!    We love The Vamps energetic sound and after a very solid set at their headlining show in NYC, we’re looking forward to hearing more!

While we wait for an official US release date, you can pickup their single Wild Heart on iTunes!

Hunter Hayes Premieres “Invisible” Music Video

On the heels of a couple of huge announcements, Hunter Hayes released his video for the new single “Invisible” today.

The song has a very powerful message and Hunter definitely showed that in this moving video. Check it out below!

You can catch Hunter Hayes on the “We’re Not Invisible” Tour kicking off next week, with guests Dan + Shay and Danielle Bradbery.  View the dates here!

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