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Dan + Shay + You Acoustic Session!

It’s no secret that one of our favorite new artists is Dan + Shay.  Their debut album, “Where It All Began,”  was released last month, and we’ve been playing it nonstop!  So we were thrilled to finally see them live on the “We’re Not Invisible Tour” with Hunter Hayes!  Before they opened the show for thousands of people, Dan + Shay had a small, acoustic set backstage for around 30 people.

The acoustic session was one of the most unique artist experiences we’ve ever had.  The intimate gathering allowed for the duo, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, to interact and connect with their fans on a more personal level.   Their acoustic-driven sound was perfect for the up-close setting.  And gave us a reason to just have one big sing along to songs off their album that they wouldn’t be playing in their set later that evening, like “Party Girl”

Dan + Shay also played a new song, “Sway,” for the first time ever!  They said the song could be on their “next album,” but we are already loving it!  We found ourselves swaying (pun intended) and singing along the first time we heard it.    Shay’s voice gives us chills.  Check it out below!

Following the acoustic set, Dan + Shay were first to open the We’re Not Invisible Tour.  They opened with our favorite song, “What You Do To Me,” and closed with their new single, “Show You Off,” which just was just added to country radio.  We’re even bigger fans of Dan + Shay than before, and can’t wait to see them again!  Not only is this duo extremely talented, they are also funny, gracious and sweeter than sweet tea on a hot summer day.

Check out all of their upcoming tour dates here!  Visit Dan+Shay.com for more details on the Dan + Shay + You experience.

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Dan + Shay Release Exclusive Warehouse Sessions Video For “First Time Feeling” On Billboard

Just one day after releasing their highly anticipated debut album “Where It All Began”,  Dan + Shay stopped by Billboard to chat about their success, the album, and April Fool’s pranks!

Check out an exclusive video from the Warehouse Sessions for “First Time Feeling” on Billboard below.

Pick up a copy of their album “Where It All Began” on iTunes or Amazon now!

Be sure to visit Dan+Shay.com and follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!  You can see them on the We’re Not Invisible Tour with Hunter Hayes this Spring!

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