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It’s been nearly two years since our friends in Shiffley dropped new tunes but they’re back with a new track “RI₵H KIDS!” The new song brings their signature synth pop sweetness but if you dig deeper, it grapples with feelings of social inadequacy and despair built into a broken system.

We hopped on a virtual hangout to chat about the new song, their quarantine activities, and what’s on the horizon for the band in the coming year. Watch our interview with singer/songwriter Alex Gaines and drummer Bryan Contreras below!

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Video Premiere: Shiffley – “Instinct Over Mind”

Shiffley have been keeping it low key, working on new music behind the scenes. We’re excited to present the premiere of their latest single and brand new music video for “Instinct Over Mind.”

The piano driven ballad showcases the stripped back evolution of the synth pop group.  Directed and edited by bassist Shaune Killough, the music video focuses on singer, Alex Ganes as he pours his heart out on a grand piano to an empty auditorium.

Watch the brand new video for “Instinct Over Mind” below!

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Shiffley Premiere New Video For “Away, Away!”

Take a trip down memory lane with Shiffley in their brand new video for “Away, Away!”  The vintage video footage has them performing on a hit late night TV show from yesteryear but is perfectly in tune with today.  The latest single from Shiffley’s debut album, Paper Cranes, the track is simple yet powerful, and filled with gang vocal chants but still really dancey.

Watch the video complete with sweater vests, sideburns and combovers, and 70s era mustaches below!

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Shiffley Release “Sleepless Night” Remixes

Our friends in Shiffley have been relatively quiet lately, but their latest single “Sleepless Night” just got the remix treatment from a bunch of awesome collaborators!  The remixes are packaged together and bring out the best of the single on each remix.

These are perfect for whatever mood you’re in whether you’re mellowing out to the Figaro “Sleepytime Tea” Remix or getting ready for a night out with your friends to the N2N remix.  We had a hard time picking a favorite but the Shinynaut remix is really good!  It highlights the high energy of the track and adds in a subtle ticking clock just before the big drop.  If any of these could easily be worked into a Skrillex set, it’s this one!

Listen to all of the “Sleepless Nights” Remixes below and try to pick a favorite!

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Shiffley Premiere “Sleepless Night” Lyric Video

One of our favorite Artists To Watch, Shiffley just premiered the official lyric video for their latest synthy pop single “Sleepless Night.”  The song centers around a robot who falls in love with a human and chooses to take on the full range of human emotions to be with her.

The band says the single is a preview of what’s in store for their new album, coming soon!  We can’t wait for even more music from Shiffley.  Watch the video below!

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Shiffley Debut New Single “Sleepless Night”

Shiffley just dropped a brand new single called “Sleepless Nights.”  The synth heavy track is a preview of the sound and direction of their upcoming debut album.  The song is “a story about a robot who falls so deeply in love with a human that it is willing to take on the full emotional spectrum to be with her.”

We are so excited for new music from one of our top artists to watch!  Listen to “Sleepless Nights” on Spotify below.


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Listen To Shiffley’s New Track “Systems”

Shiffley just released a brand new song called “Systems” that serves as the first single from their upcoming full length album, due out later this year.   The new track is catchy as ever with a fun synth hook and clever lyrics.

The track was mixed by Freshly Baked Studios in Brooklyn.  Listen to “Systems” below and if you like what you hear remember to #ShareTheShiff!

You can catch Shiffley at the Studio at Webster Hall in NYC on July 21st with KT Mulholland.  Tickets are on sale now!

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SecretFangirls.com Interview Shiffley

Shiffley is synth-based pop rock at its finest.   The Long Island based band is one of our top artists you need to know in 2016. They are a lot of fun live, and can win over any crowd with their catchy melodies and energetic onstage presence. Shiffley are currently working on a debut album (we can’t wait!!) and in the meantime you can stream their EPs on Spotify.

We caught up with the band after their show at Piano’s in NYC and talked about what’s next for the band, who they’d fangirl over and their pre-concert rituals. Watch our interview below and get to know Shiffley!  Remember to #ShareTheShiff.

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Artist To Watch: Shiffley

We first saw Long Island’s own Shiffley over the Summer when they opened for our friends in Patent Pending.  They immediately won us over with their synth-driven pop-rock sound and their energetic onstage presence.  We were thrilled we got to see them again recently at Piano’s in NYC.  Their set is a blast from start to finish, including a rock version of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” which we didn’t know we needed until now.  Their single “Cry” has some of the catchiest gang vocals we’ve ever heard (seriously, listen to it once and you’ll be humming it for days, in a good way).

In a few short years, Shiffley have made a name for themselves in the New York music scene, sharing the stage with not only Patent Pending, but also Twenty One Pilots and Plain White Ts.  Band mates Alex Ganes, Alex Jenks, Bryan Contreras, Shaune Killough, and Will Rosati have created the perfect blend of synth driven pop rock.  While you can certainly hear their influences from bands like The Killers, Shiffley have a unique sound that’s all their own.

Their EP, “Anthem City,” is out now and the band is working on their debut album due out (fingers crossed!) sometime this year.    Stream the EP on SoundCloud below and pickup a copy on iTunes now!  Visit Shiffley’s website for upcoming tour dates and more info, and if you can make it out to a show, GO!  And remember to #ShareTheShiff.

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