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Shiffley Release “Sleepless Night” Remixes

Our friends in Shiffley have been relatively quiet lately, but their latest single “Sleepless Night” just got the remix treatment from a bunch of awesome collaborators!  The remixes are packaged together and bring out the best of the single on each remix.

These are perfect for whatever mood you’re in whether you’re mellowing out to the Figaro “Sleepytime Tea” Remix or getting ready for a night out with your friends to the N2N remix.  We had a hard time picking a favorite but the Shinynaut remix is really good!  It highlights the high energy of the track and adds in a subtle ticking clock just before the big drop.  If any of these could easily be worked into a Skrillex set, it’s this one!

Listen to all of the “Sleepless Nights” Remixes below and try to pick a favorite!

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Shiffley Premiere “Sleepless Night” Lyric Video

One of our favorite Artists To Watch, Shiffley just premiered the official lyric video for their latest synthy pop single “Sleepless Night.”  The song centers around a robot who falls in love with a human and chooses to take on the full range of human emotions to be with her.

The band says the single is a preview of what’s in store for their new album, coming soon!  We can’t wait for even more music from Shiffley.  Watch the video below!

Grab a copy of “Sleepless Night” on iTunes now.

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Shiffley Debut New Single “Sleepless Night”

Shiffley just dropped a brand new single called “Sleepless Nights.”  The synth heavy track is a preview of the sound and direction of their upcoming debut album.  The song is “a story about a robot who falls so deeply in love with a human that it is willing to take on the full emotional spectrum to be with her.”

We are so excited for new music from one of our top artists to watch!  Listen to “Sleepless Nights” on Spotify below.


Pick up a copy of “Sleepless Night” on iTunes or Amazon now.

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