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Aly & AJ Release New Single “I Know”

Aly & AJ are back and they’re gearing up to drop a brand new EP called “Ten Years” on November 17th.  The Michalka sisters dropped a brand new single, “I Know” ahead of the EP release and it’s a slow burning dreamy track!  We are so excited for new music from Aly & AJ and we can’t wait to hear more from them!

Listen to the new track below.

Pick up a copy on iTunes or Amazon now!

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Aly & AJ Release “Take Me”

Aly & AJ just shared their brand new single called “Take Me” marking their first release in 10 years as Aly & AJ!  After focusing on acting and other projects, the Michalka sisters are letting their 80s inspired music roam free after feeling discouraged by music.

“Take Me” is a sweeping pop track asking “when you gonna take me out / make a move and make it now” while maintaining Aly & AJ’s core sound that we all know and love about the sisters.

We can’t wait to hear more from Aly & AJ but for now, listen to “Take Me” on Soundcloud or Spotify now!

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Aly & AJ Release New Single “Take Me”

OMG our favorite sister duo, Aly & AJ, just dropped a brand new single!   “Take Me” is a perfect Summer pop song and the first listen of the new music that Aly & AJ Michalka have been working on.  It’s their first release of new music as “Aly & AJ” since they dropped one of our all time favorite pop albums, “Insomniatic,” in 2007.   The sisters had been recording as 78Violet in recent years, playing shows in New York and LA.

Aly & AJ are set to release an EP later this Summer and we can’t wait for more!  Listen to “Take Me” on Spotify now!

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The Friday Five: Breakup Songs

Sometimes, there is just nothing like a good breakup song, no matter what you’re going through.  They can help vent your anger, remind you to stay positive.    Here are some of our favorite breakup songs.

1.  Brandyn Burnette – “Thanks For Nothing”
Brandyn Burnette’s new single “Thanks For Nothing” shows one way to deal with a breakup.  Be positive!  That is, be positive that the person you just broke up with is, in Lauren Conrad’s words – “a sucky person!”

2. Hunter Hayes – “More Than I Should”
Hunter is so sweet that makes us wonder who broke his heart so badly that he penned one of the angriest breakup songs we’ve ever heard.   You can feel the anger in this song from the first note to the end. The guitars come in, guns blazing, while Hunter sings “I found out the hard way, I loved you more than I should”.  We always find ourselves feeling better after listening to this track!

3. Tiffany Houghton – “The Best”
Fresh music from Tiffany Houghton, this break up song is one of our new favorites.  We can’t get over how upbeat and happy the music is while Tiffany sings about the jerk who broke her heart.  Bless his heart, she’s just wishing him the best.  HA!

4. Taylor Swift – “Picture To Burn”
Oldie but a goodie from the queen of writing the songs that are the soundtrack to our young lives.  Taylor Swift knows how sucky guys can be,  but as far as she’s concerned, they’re all just another picture to burn!  Does anyone else miss Taylor’s country days?

5. Jonas Brothers – “What Do I Mean To You”
When we first heard this song last summer on tour, we had no idea that it would be the last time we’d ever see the brothers together as a band, playing music on tour and stuff.  The chorus just punches you right in the gut – like when he said those fateful four words “we need to talk”.  By the way – Kevin/Joe/Nick, WHAT DO WE MEAN TO YOU!!?

Bonus:  78 Violet (Aly & AJ) – “Potential Breakup Song” & Jonas Brothers “Move On”
You can’t talk about breakup songs without mentioning this iconic song by Aly & AJ and it’s companion song, “Move On” by Jonas Brothers.   “Move On” was never recorded, and only performed once, at Bamboozle.  But we’re sure it felt good for Joe to get that off of his chest!  They both sure seem to have issues with their stuff.  We hope you got your stuff back.