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Aly & AJ Release “Take Me”

Aly & AJ just shared their brand new single called “Take Me” marking their first release in 10 years as Aly & AJ!  After focusing on acting and other projects, the Michalka sisters are letting their 80s inspired music roam free after feeling discouraged by music.

“Take Me” is a sweeping pop track asking “when you gonna take me out / make a move and make it now” while maintaining Aly & AJ’s core sound that we all know and love about the sisters.

We can’t wait to hear more from Aly & AJ but for now, listen to “Take Me” on Soundcloud or Spotify now!

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Aly & AJ Release New Single “Take Me”

OMG our favorite sister duo, Aly & AJ, just dropped a brand new single!   “Take Me” is a perfect Summer pop song and the first listen of the new music that Aly & AJ Michalka have been working on.  It’s their first release of new music as “Aly & AJ” since they dropped one of our all time favorite pop albums, “Insomniatic,” in 2007.   The sisters had been recording as 78Violet in recent years, playing shows in New York and LA.

Aly & AJ are set to release an EP later this Summer and we can’t wait for more!  Listen to “Take Me” on Spotify now!

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