5SOS To Release “LIVESOS” Album 12/15!

5SOS announced they are releasing an album of live tracks called “LIVESOS,”  due December 15th worldwide.  That’s right American fangirls – for once we don’t have to scour the internet patiently wait for a US release date!  The 15 songs on the album were recorded in various venues on tour all over the world.

“LIVESOS” will also include both the studio and live versions of “What I Like About You.”  Watch the lyric video below!

5SOS “LIVESOS” Tracklisting
1. 18
2. Out Of my Limit
3. Disconnected
4. Amnesia
5. Beside You
6. Everything I Didn’t Say
7. Long Way Home
8. Heartache On The Big Screen
9. American Idiot
10. Teenage Dream
11. Good Girls
12. What I Like About You
13. End Up Here
14. She Looks So Perfect
15. What I Like About You (Studio Mix)

Pre-order “LIVESOS” on iTunes or 5SOS’ webstore today and get an instant download of “What I Like About You!”  Also be sure to check out the “LIVESOS” CD boxset (hello Christmas gift) – it includes posters from all of 5SOS’s awesomely named tours in 2014.

As the band wrote on their website: “playing live has been something we have been the most passionate about from the beginning. All we want is for our fans to come to the shows, rock out and have one of the best times they’ve ever experienced. Also when a room is full of you guys from all different walks of life, you can let it go when you come to the shows and be free to be yourself.”

Be sure to follow 5SOS & Secret Fangirls for more updates!

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