Nate Green Announces Debut EP “Road Map”

Country music’s newest heartthrob, Nate Green,  just announced that he is releasing his debut EP “Road Map” on January 13th!  Nate wrote and recorded the EP all over the world – literally.  From Germany to Switzerland to Spain, Nate used the culture around him to craft some unique songs for his debut.  There’s even a track inspired by Manhattan.  (We told you country was taking over NYC).  When you pre-order the EP, you’ll receive “Wild & Free” and his new single “Back Road” instantly!  Check out the full track listing below.

Nate Green “Road Map” Track Listing
1. Ride
2. Back Road
3. Wake Up In Manhattan
4. No Fool
5. Line Of Fire
6. Wild & Free
7. Love Again

Pre-order “Road Map” on iTunes or Amazon now.

Follow Nate Green and Secret Fangirls on Twitter.

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