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New Hollow Drop New EP

New Hollow dropped one of our favorite songs of the Summer, “Popstar,” earlier this month.  Evan, Chad and Mookie just released a new EP to go with it!  We may have had to wait a couple of extra days for the EP, but as usual, anything New Hollow releases is well worth the wait!  The self-titled EP features 5 tracks including the new single, breakthrough track “She Ain’t You” and a remix of “Jiffy Jane.”  Check out the tracklisting below!

New Hollow EP Tracklisting
1. “Jiffy Jane” (Revolver Mix)
2. “Hurt No More”
3. “She Ain’t You”
4. “Why Don’t You Love Me”
5. “Popstar”

Pickup a copy of the EP on iTunes now!  Watch the video for “Popstar” below.

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New Hollow Drop “Popstar” Video

New Hollow just dropped the music video for their new single, “Popstar,” which if you haven’t heard yet you need to listen to immediately.   The song is a commentary on the music scene today – “who needs musicians when you’ve got a Mac?”  In pure rock-n-roll fashion, the video is all about the music.  Watch it below!

Pickup a copy of “Popstar” on iTunes now!

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New Hollow Release “Popstar”

We are so excited to have new music from one of our favorite bands, New Hollow!   They just released a song called “Popstar.”  The newest track from the Ohio trio is a very tongue in cheek ode to the media trained and polished popstars of today’s world.  Mookie, Evan, and Chad pair distorted guitars and gritty vocals with a fun throwback sound just in time for the Summer.

Listen to “Popstar” on Spotify below.

Pickup a copy of “Popstar” on iTunes now!

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New Hollow Release “Why Don’t You Love Me”

New Hollow have been busy working on their album and just released a new track, “Why Don’t You Love Me.”  The piano driven song is a fan favorite from their live shows, and we’re so excited to have more music from one of our favorite up and coming bands.  It’s got that same 90s vibe that we loved about their first single, “She Ain’t You.”   Listen to “Why Don’t You Love Me” below!

Pickup a copy of “Why Don’t You Love Me” on iTunes or Amazon!

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New Hollow Release “Jiffy Jane” Video

New Hollow just released the music video for their new single “Jiffy Jane.”   The black and white video has a cinematic feel, following the adventures of a teddy bear that seemingly has a mind of his own.  The vibe fits perfectly with the song. The video was produced, shot and edited by band members Mookie Clouse, Evan West and Chad Blashford, and their friends.  Watch the video for “Jiffy Jane” below!

We’ve had this track on repeat since it was released last month, and we can’t wait for New Hollow’s upcoming album.   Pickup a copy of “Jiffy Jane” on iTunes or Amazon now!

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New Hollow Release “Jiffy Jane”

We saw New Hollow at 106.1 BLI’s Summer Jam last year, and it was love at first listen.    We’ve been anxiously awaiting new music from them – their single “She Ain’t You” was one of our favorite tracks of 2014.    Evan West, Mookie Clouse and Chad Bashford have been busy writing with Blues Traveler and recording at Dave Grohl’s studio, so needless to say we know it will be worth the wait!   New Hollow just dropped their new single, “Jiffy Jane.”  Listen to the track below and pickup a copy on iTunes now!

New Hollow will also be a featured artist on Blues Traveler’s new album, “Blow Up The Moon,” out on April 7th!  Get ready, world, because New Hollow are about to take over.

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The Friday Five: New Bands That Rock

In the past, we’ve brought you new bands from across the pond, our favorite boy bands, and even our top favorite country artists. This week, we want to formally introduce you to five bands that rock!  All of these artists have a knack for writing a catchy rock song, with their own unique sound.

1 – Born Cages
We’ve featured this Brooklyn based band before and we’ve been lucky enough to see them play more than a few times. As we near the release of their next single, please enjoy one of our favorite songs from “The Sidelines EP“.

2 – New Hollow
This Ohio trio has worked their way into our playlists ever since the 106.1 BLI Summer Jam a few weekends ago. Catchy, grungy, perfect summer throwback sound – New Hollow has it all! Don’t miss these guys on tour this summer. Watch the official video for their single, “She Ain’t You” below.

3 – Action Item
Hailing from New Jersey, Action Item aren’t technically new, but that doesn’t stop them from rocking their way onto our Friday Five list! These guys are dropping a new single called “We’ll Be Fine” on June 24th and we can’t wait to hear what they’ve been up to. They’ll be on tour with MKTO all summer so be there or be square!

4 – The Strypes
The only band on this list from the UK, The Strypes are definitely ones to watch.  After a chance encounter with their name in an ad in Rolling Stone , we checked out their music and instantly knew these guys were on to something.  We love The Strypes cheeky lyrics on their debut album “Snapshot” and it’s about time the US has another proper British rock invasion!  Watch the official video for “What A Shame” below.

5 – Wild Party
One of the five finalists in this years iHeartRadio and Macy’s Rising Star Competition, Wild Party is definitely on the up and up. Their single “When I Get Older” sounds like Rooney and Phantom Planet – just what we need to blast in our car with the windows down and the sunroof open! Catch Wild Party at a free in-store performance at Macy’s in Northridge, CA on June 21st.


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