5SOS Rock The Today Show!

Tuesday was an awesome day to be a 5SOS fan:  the Aussie band’s debut album FINALLY got released in the US!   AND they had a rockin’ performance on The Today Show!  Ashton, Michael, Luke, and Calum were full of energy and they definitely showed the Today Show that they’re not just a teen sensation – they are talented musicians.  Rockefeller Center was packed with 5SOS fans in one of the largests Today Show crowds we’ve ever seen!  Someone even brought out a giant Will Smith face for the occasion that didn’t go unnoticed by the guys.

5 Seconds Of Summer performed three fan favorites on the TODAY Show!  Watch the videos for each below!

The band’s US album debut is something that is going to bring back the pop-punk to the youth of America.  It’s exactly the right blend of  Maryland’s own All Time Low and Good Charlotte, and the UK’s McFly and Busted.

If you’re reading this, you probably don’t need to be reminded but you can get 5SOS’s debut album on iTunes now!  Or head to Target and get their exclusive edition in your favorite color (Or all 4.  We don’t judge).

Be sure to follow 5SOS & Secret Fangirls on Twitter for more updates!

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