Patent Pending Release “Mario & The Brick Breakers”

When it came time for Long Island pop punk band Patent Pending to make a video for their hit single “Hey Mario” they decided to take the Rainbow Road less traveled.  The band figured – why not form a fake band and make a documentary showcasing the rise and fall of said fake band, Spinal Tap style.  Thus “Mario & The Brick Breakers” came to be.  Not being a band to do anything half way, they even created a “Mario & The Brick Breakers: Greatest Hits EP” to go along with the 30 minute documentary that will be broken up into 5 separate videos.    Watch the “Mario & The Brick Breakers” documentary trailer below!

One reason we love Patent Pending is how into everything they get.  Each band member showed some serious commitment in really becoming their Smash Bros. character!

You can get a copy of Mario & The Brick Breakers Greatest Hits EP using the links below.  Help get the album to the top of the charts!

If you live in the USA – Click HERE.  If you live in the UK – Click HERE

They have a few more dates on the “American Meltdown Tour”  before they open for MKTO at Irving Plaza in August.  The band are also heading over to the UK for their special “Brighter UK” Tour this October. Grab your tickets HERE before they completely sell out!

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