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Rixton Premiere “Wait On Me” Video

British rockers Rixton just released the music video for their latest single, “Wait On Me!”  The video was filmed at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, during the band’s “Broken Heart Tour” over the summer.  If you missed out, you’ll get an idea of what a fun act they are live – make sure you check them out on their next tour! (hopefully soon!)

Watch the video below!  We love the range of influences you can hear in Rixton’s music – this track calls to mind a rocking version of Ace of Base.

You can pick up a copy of Rixton’s “Me and My Broken Heart EP” and the “Wait On Me” Single on iTunes now!

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The Friday Five: Summer Tour Jams

We’ve been to a lot of shows in the past week, and after a good concert a song will stick with you for days.  Here are the songs we can’t get out of our heads after seeing them live.  All of these artists are on tour now, so be sure to check out when they’re coming to your town!

1. Rixton – “Wait On Me
We love the Ace of Base vibes of this track. (did we just age ourselves?)   Rixton put on a very solid show at Irving Plaza, impressing us with their musicianship, stage presence, and fan boys.  You can catch them on the Broken Heart Tour across the US this summer.

2. Jesse McCartney – “Punch Drunk Recreation
If you saw JMAC in the Lifetime movie “Escaping Amish,” then you’ll recognize this track as the song his DJ character is playing the moment A.J. Michalka falls in love with him.  And who wouldn’t with this beat?   Check out the dates for the In Technicolor Tour here.

3. THE HEYDAZE – “Adderall
There’s nothing we love more than a bad (good) pun.  Especially in this cleverly crafted pop song by NYC’s THE HEYDAZE.  See them on The In Technicolor Tour with JMAC through August 23rd!

4. Patent Pending – “Hey Mario
Patent Pending’s American Meltdown Tour just wrapped up, & they’ll be hitting the UK & Germany later this Fall.  The band are unleashing the Mario & The Brick Breakers documentary soon which we’re sure will have us in stitches like their “Twilight” remake did in 2010 (and still does today).  Make sure you have your copy of the Mario & The Brick Breakers “Greatest Hits EP” on iTunes US and iTunes UK now!

5. MKTO – “Forever Until Tomorrow
We still can’t get over how great Tony Oller sounded, even when battling laryngitis.  Surely it helped that MKTO has songs that are fun to sing along to, like this one.  The American Dream Tour wraps up this weekend and they’ll be joining Demi Lovato on tour this Fall!

Bonus:  Tiffany Houghton – “Band Boy”
Because this is our theme song, and she totally rocked on the American Dream Tour.

Rixton Premiere New Single “Wait On Me”

Just days before they kick off their US headlining tour, Rixton released their second single, “Wait On Me!”  We love Rixton’s Maroon 5 and Rob Thomas influenced sound, which is just as strong here as in their debut “Me and My Broken Heart.”   Listen to the track below!

The Broken Heart Tour kicks off on July 30th at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.  Check out all of the dates here!   Pickup a copy of the Broken Heart EP and Wait On Me on iTunes now!

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