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Austin Mahone & The Vamps Summer Tour Stops at the Izod Center

We were lucky to catch The Vamps at their first headlining show ever back at The Grammercy Theatre in NYC in February, and at their MTV Artist to Watch show earlier this summer.  So it was amazing to see how far they’ve come in such a short time, and to see them play in an arena setting. (And up next: a stadium!)   The Vamps played all of their singles, as well as their fun covers of Jason Derulo’s “Trumpets” and “Cecilia.”  We loved seeing all of the support The Vamps had in the arena – nearly everyone was singing and dancing along during their set.  Impressive for a band that’s relatively new to the US, but they’ve  had great success here so far.  Their “Somebody To You” EP was released earlier this month and debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard.  Pickup a copy on iTunes now!


The Vamps Setlist
1. “Wild Heart”
2. “Last Night”
3. “Trumpets”
4. “Somebody To You”
5. “Can We Dance?”
6. “Cecilia”

IMG_2695Austin, Austin, Austin.  What can we say?  He just gets better and better each time we see him.  His dance moves are so smooth and flawless, and the choreography is always on point.   We love how he interacts with his dancers, another reason why we call him the “one man boyband.”  We imagine this is what it would have been like to see a 90s boyband back in the day.  And we thank him for that.  The concert was a non-stop dance party, for us anyway.  (Yes that was us doing the choreography to “Banga Banga,” “Shawty Shawty,” and “What About Love.”)

Of course Austin is more than just 90s-era slow breakdowns and perfect slow leans that would make any *NSYNC fan cry.  He can sing, too.  And play the guitar, which he showcased in an acoustic set that included covers of George Strait’s “Check Yes Or No” and John Legend’s “All Of Me.”   Too add to our boyband nostalgia, Austin put on a pair of ripped jeans that would have made Donnie Wahlberg proud.  Our only complaint?  We miss those leather tanktops Austin usually breaks out for tour…



There are still a few dates left on the tour, check out all of the dates here!   Be sure to pickup a copy of “The Secret” EP so you can sing along during the show!  Our personal favorites are “Secret” and “Next To You.”

Austin Mahone Setlist:
1. “Banga Banga”
2. “Say You’re Just A Friend”
3. “Shawty Shawty”
4. “Say My Name”
5. “Say Somethin'”
6. “Can’t Fight This Love”
7. “Shadow”
8. “Check Yes Or No”
9. “The One I’ve Waited For”
10. “All Of Me”
11. “Secret”
12. “Till I Find You”
13. “U”
14. “All I Ever Need”
15. “Next To You”
16. “What About Love”
17. “MMM Yeah”

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The Vamps “Somebody To You” EP Is Out Now!

Great news for fans of The Vamps in America:  the “Somebody To You” EP is out now!

You can pickup a copy on iTunes now!  There are also exclusive versions being sold at Claire’s and Justice stores around the country.  Plus you can buy a special bundle being sold on The Vamps official store!   Since each version has a special track, we say buy as many copies as possible!  We’ve gotten 2 so far.  Plus if the EP does well, The Vamps will finally release their full length album in the US!

The Claire’s version includes their cover of The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout,” which they just released their video for.  Watch it below!  (Can we petition for the band to wear matching suits and ties more often?)

If you’re lucky enough to be going to the Austin Mahone tour this week, there will be limited edition signed copies of the EP and a bracelet at the merch booth!  Check out the dates here.

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The Vamps Perform “Somebody To You” On The TODAY Show

In case you were still sleeping from the previous couple days of trying to find foreign boys in bands around NYC, The Vamps performed on The Today Show and absolutely smashed it!  The guys gave it their all this morning and here’s hoping the rest of America learns about The Vamps before the Austin Mahone tour which begins tomorrow!

Watch the video of The Vamps performing “Somebody To You” this morning below!

You can pre-order a copy of the “Somebody To You” EP, out August 4th,  on iTunes now if you’re in the US.  The rest of the world can grab a copy of their debut album “Meet The Vamps” now!

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The Vamps Free Acoustic Show Wednesday 7/23 at New Jersey’s Garden State Plaza!

Here’s your chance to Meet The Vamps this week!  They’re going to be playing an acoustic set at New Jersey’s Garden State Plaza Mall.  The event starts at 1pm on July 23rd near the Lord & Taylor Court in the mall.   The best part?  It’s FREE!! The mall opens at 10am but you are NOT ALLOWED to line up before 10am.

You can also enter a contest to win a VIP meet & greet with The Vamps on the Garden State Plaza’s Facebook page.  You can pre-order The Vamps “Somebody To You” EP on iTunes now!

Watch The Vamps perform “Somebody To You” acoustically below.

If you’re not in the NY/NJ area, tune into the Today Show on July 24th to watch their performance!

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The Vamps Go Acoustic For “Somebody To You”

The Vamps strip down to the bare essentials in this new acoustic video for “Somebody To You”.  The guys recently sat down to record this special version of the song (sans Demi – maybe next time D-Love).

Watch the video below!


Be sure to pre order a copy of The Vamps “Somebody To You” EP on iTunes if you’re in the US. Everywhere else can grab a copy of their debut album, “Meet The Vamps” out now on iTunes!

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The Vamps “Somebody to You” EP Out August 4th; Today Show July 24th!

Get ready America because  The Vamps are coming!  Following their rocking show at the Highline Ballroom in NYC, British band The Vamps just announced the “Somebody To You” EP will be released on August 4th!    The EP will be available on iTunes and The Vamps store, and you can pre-order starting today! Or you can always order from both:  each site will be selling exclusive tracks!  (We’re going to need both copies!)

“Somebody To You” EP Tracklisting (iTunes edition)
1.  “Somebody To You” featuring Demi Lovato
2. “Wild Heart”
3. “Midnight Memories”
4. “Move My Way”
5. “She Looks So Perfect”

“Somebody To You” EP Tracklisting (The Vamps store edition)
1.  “Somebody To You” featuring Demi Lovato
2. “Wild Heart”
3. “Midnight Memories”
4. “High Hopes” (CD version only)
5. “Sweater Weather”
6. “She Was The One” (CD version only)

The Vamps Today Show Concert July 24th!
The Vamps will also be performing on The Today Show  on Thursday, July 24th to kick off their US tour with Austin Mahone!  Want to watch The Vamps perform live in NYC?   Let The Today Show know you want to see them perform outside!  Sign their Twitition, send the Today show an email, or tweet the Today Show using  #TVOutsideOnTheTodayShow!   If enough people get involved, The Vamps will perform outdoors in the plaza, so you can be in the audience!   Stay tuned for updates.

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The Vamps Premiere “Somebody To You” Music Video With Demi Lovato

The Vamps just premiered the new video for their next single, “Somebody To You” and it features none other than Demi Lovato!  The song is the perfect summer anthem and we knew as soon as we heard it, that it was going to be a radio hit.   The video is the ultimate summertime party, with the guys performing and having a beachside BBQ, watching some tennis and lounging by the pool.   Having Demi feature on this was a fun choice to change it up, and we can’t wait to see a lot more of The Vamps in the US this summer!  Check it out below!

The Vamps have a headlining show at NYC’s Highline Ballroom this weekend, and are spending the rest of the summer on tour with Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony!  Check out details on all of their upcoming events here.

UK fans can pre-order the “Somebody To You” EP, out July 6th, on iTunes!   If you’re in the US, you can pickup their single “Wild Heart” while we wait for news on an official album release date.

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The Friday Five: Memorial Day Playlist

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  We’re sure many of you (including us) are traveling for the long weekend, so here is our playlist of the songs we plan to drive around blasting to celebrate the official start of summer.

1.  Austin Mahone – “Next To You”
Austin just released this track from his debut album “The Secret,” out next week!  And we’ve been listening to it nonstop. (Literally like 10 times in a row).   He’s said that his album was influenced by the boy bands of the 90s, and it’s evident in this track.  We can’t wait to see what moves Austin the one-man boy band has planned for this one!

2. Dan + Shay – “Sway”
We heard this unreleased track at the Dan + Shay + You acoustic session, and found ourselves instantly swaying and singing along.   Dan and Shay said this song, which they played here for the first time ever, would likely be on their next album.  Lucky for you (and us) we caught it on video!

3.  The Vamps – “Somebody To You”
As soon as we heard this song, we had a feeling it would be The Vamps’ next single.  And we were right!  What we weren’t expecting is for Demi Lovato to be featured on the track.  They’ve teamed up for what’s sure to be a mega-hit for the British band.  Hopefully all the radio play this song is getting will lead to the long awaited US release date for The Vamps album!

4. Hunter Hayes – “Tattoo”
We cannot say enough good things about Hunter Hayes.  Not only is he extremely talented (he can play over 30 instruments) he’s also kind and humble.  We love this track off of his new album, “Storyline,” which is likely to be the second single off the album.  This song will stick with you,  even the first time you hear it…just like a tattoo!

5. AJR – “After Hours”
Their first single “I’m Ready,” is on track to be a big hit this summer, but we love all of AJR’s songs, especially this track off of their “I’m Ready EP.”  It’s fun, catchy, and has a horn section.  We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: AJR’s unique sound just makes us excited about music.  We can’t wait for their debut album due out later this summer!


The Vamps & Demi Lovato Team Up for “Somebody To You!”

The Vamps just released their next single, “Somebody to You!”  While she’s not featured on the album version,  Demi Lovato teamed up with the Vamps for the single release!  Listen to the track below!

While we enjoy the new version, the original will still be the only one we’ll have blasting through the secret fangirl office all summer long!  Unfortunately we are still (impatiently) waiting for a US album release date, and will hopefully have one soon!  In the meantime you can get their single “Wild Heart” on iTunes now!

The Vamps will be back in the US for a headlining show in NYC on June 15th, before they join Austin Mahone on tour later this summer!

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