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Watch Becky G’s “Can’t Stop Dancin'” Video

Becky G just released the video for our jam “Can’t Stop Dancin’!”  We love nothing more than a great pop song with some killer choreography.  This video certainly fits the bill.  Becky is definitely channeling Selena in the video – both the 90s icon and Selena Gomez! We predict that Becky G will be a superstar in the near future.  She’s well on her way with this track and of course her infectious song “Shower.”

Watch the video below and pickup a copy of the single on iTunes or Amazon now!

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Becky G “Can’t Stop Dancin'”

Becky G just released a new single, “Can’t Stop Dancin’!”  And we can’t stop listening.  It reminds us a bit of Selena Gomez’s last album, “Stars Dance,” which we LOVE.   We’ll be jamming to this one like we jammed to “Shower” all Summer long.  Watch the lyric video below!

Pickup a copy of the single on iTunes or Amazon now!    You can see Becky G on tour with Jason Derulo this Fall, and at several Jingle Balls around the country.

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The Friday Five: Summer Love Songs

It’s hard to believe that we’re already nearing the end of summer.  (Seriously, how is Labor Day next weekend?!)   Which means you’ve got just a couple weeks left to find (or enjoy) that summer romance.  Here’s the soundtrack to your summer love.

1.  “19 You + Me” – Dan+Shay
This nostalgic track paints the picture of a perfect summer romance.  From sweet tea kissin’ to that first dance in the sand, just listening to this song makes you feel like you’re spending a hot day on Myrtle Beach back in 19–.

2.  “Alice By The Hudson” – AJR
One of AJR’s biggest influences are The Beach Boys, and you can certainly hear it in this track.  “Alice By The Hudson” sounds like a modern day update of the ultimate summer love song, “Surfer Girl.”

3. “Young Love” – Jesse McCartney
We’re loving the retro-pop vibes of JMAC’s new album, “In Technicolor.”  A great love (or a great love song) will make you feel like you’re 17 again.

4. “Shower” – Becky G
This catchy track is everything you’d want in a summer romance, and will have you dancing in the mirror and singing in the shower.

5.  “Vacation” – Sam Hunt
Okay, so this is more of a love song to summer itself and an ode to being on vacation.  A reminder that you’ve got 2 weeks of summer left:  use them well.

Bonus: “Summer Love” – Justin Timberlake