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Selena Gomez and Zedd Drop “I Want You To Know”

Monday just got a whole lot better because Selena Gomez just dropped her new song with Zedd, “I Want You To Know.”  It’s got that classic Zedd sound but Selena’s voice fits in perfectly like a puzzle piece.  We’re excited that she is working on music again!  And Selena, we want you to know that we want you to go on tour again, soon.  Listen to the new track below!

Pickup a copy of “I Want You To Know” on iTunes now!

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Watch Becky G’s “Can’t Stop Dancin'” Video

Becky G just released the video for our jam “Can’t Stop Dancin’!”  We love nothing more than a great pop song with some killer choreography.  This video certainly fits the bill.  Becky is definitely channeling Selena in the video – both the 90s icon and Selena Gomez! We predict that Becky G will be a superstar in the near future.  She’s well on her way with this track and of course her infectious song “Shower.”

Watch the video below and pickup a copy of the single on iTunes or Amazon now!

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