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Farro Release Video for “Home”

Farro recently debuted a brand new video for a new track called “Home” on Youtube featuring Josh and his acoustic guitar against some beautiful winter-y mountain scenery.  “Home” swells and floats along effortlessly all while hearing the chord changes on the strings and a steel pedal for good measure.

The band also released the official track listing for their debut album, “Walkways” due out February 5th, 2016.  Pre-order the album now and receive “On A Wire” instantly!  Check out the track listing below.

Farro – “Walkways”
1. Cliffs
2. On A Wire
3. Dear Love
4. Walkways
5. Islands
6. Lose You
7. Tiger’s Eyes
8. Color Rush
9. Say The Word
10. Home

Watch the video for “Home” below!

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Artist To Watch: Farro

Josh Farro might have left Paramore a few years ago but he’s not done with music just yet.  After shying away from singing and swearing off being in another band, Josh began collaborating with some friends and soon found he had an entire album written that he was itching to release.  Farro is no stranger to song writing, he’s credited with co-writing some of Paramore’s biggest hits including “Misery Business” and “Ignorance.”

Josh recently premiered a brand new song called “Cliffs” after teasing new music on social media.  Farro promises a full album, “Walkways” due out March 1st, and extensive touring in the coming year.   The new single is an uplifting, guitar driven song about taking a chance on the unknown.  The chorus urges “Jump in the water before you change your mind/ Don’t wait any longer/ You’re going to be alright/ You’ll make it out alive.”

Watch the official video for “Cliffs” below.

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