Farro Release Video for “Home”

Farro recently debuted a brand new video for a new track called “Home” on Youtube featuring Josh and his acoustic guitar against some beautiful winter-y mountain scenery.  “Home” swells and floats along effortlessly all while hearing the chord changes on the strings and a steel pedal for good measure.

The band also released the official track listing for their debut album, “Walkways” due out February 5th, 2016.  Pre-order the album now and receive “On A Wire” instantly!  Check out the track listing below.

Farro – “Walkways”
1. Cliffs
2. On A Wire
3. Dear Love
4. Walkways
5. Islands
6. Lose You
7. Tiger’s Eyes
8. Color Rush
9. Say The Word
10. Home

Watch the video for “Home” below!

Preorder Farro’s debut album “Walkways” on iTunes now!

Be sure to follow Farro & Secret Fangirls on Twitter.

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