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New Hilary Duff Single “All About You!”

Have we mentioned how excited we are about Hilary Duff’s musical comeback?   As excited as Ms. Ungermeyer is about gelato.  That’s how excited.  We loved her first comeback song, “Chasing The Sun,”  and the amazing video to go along with it.  While it’s only been a couple of weeks since that track was released, Hilary already has a new single, “All About You!”  Listen to the track below!

It’s another classic Hilary Duff track – we found ourselves singing along the first time we heard it.  You can pickup a copy of “All About You” on iTunes now!    Her album is set to be released later this fall.

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Hilary Duff Returns to Music With New Single “Chasing The Sun!”

Have we mentioned how excited we are for Hilary Duff’s musical comeback?  It took all of our willpower to not write this entire post in all caps.  That’s how excited.   We’ve been major fans of Hilary since her days on “Lizzie McGuire.”  While we totally understand her taking a break from music for a while (it’s been 7 years!), we were worried she’d said “So Yesterday” to the whole music thing.

Watch the video for her new single, “Chasing the Sun,” below!  The track was co-written by Colbie Caillat, and we hear she’s also been writing with Ed Sheeran.    The track is more reminiscent of Hilary’s “Metamorphosis” days than her last album, “Dignity.”   It’s a late entry, but this might be our new Song of the Summer.  We’re hoping that a tour will follow soon!

The video is classic Hilary, and reminds us of her ABC Family movie “Beauty in a Briefcase,” which if you haven’t watched please go to Netflix now and do so.  It’s basically the twenty-something “Lizzie McGuire.”   Luke from “The OC” is also in it, with a fake British accent.  And it’s amazing.

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