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The Friday Five: Hilary Duff Songs

We’re so thrilled that Hilary Duff is back to both acting and music!  Her new show, “Younger,” premiered on TV Land last week, and it’s just as great as we’d hoped.   (We’re also  happy to see Sutton Foster back on TV!  RIP “Bunheads.”)  Hilary also has a new single, “Sparks,” coming out next week!  Here’s a playlist of some of our favorite Hilary Duff tracks in the meantime.

1. So Yesterday
Raise your hand if you looked everywhere for that “Everything is Bigger in Texas” shirt from the video.

2. Why Not
This song is actually really great to pump you up to do all sorts of things.  I mean, Why not take a crazy chance?  Why not do a crazy dance?

3. Stranger
From Hilary’s last studio album, “Dignity.”  This album didn’t get enough credit for how good it is!

4. All About You
We’re all about Hilary’s most recent single.

5. The Getaway
More like, here I go again singing this to myself at a red light!

Bonus: Chasing The Sun
Because this video is so accurate.

New Hilary Duff Single “All About You!”

Have we mentioned how excited we are about Hilary Duff’s musical comeback?   As excited as Ms. Ungermeyer is about gelato.  That’s how excited.  We loved her first comeback song, “Chasing The Sun,”  and the amazing video to go along with it.  While it’s only been a couple of weeks since that track was released, Hilary already has a new single, “All About You!”  Listen to the track below!

It’s another classic Hilary Duff track – we found ourselves singing along the first time we heard it.  You can pickup a copy of “All About You” on iTunes now!    Her album is set to be released later this fall.

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