Tiffany Houghton Releases New Single “Catch Me If You Can”

One of our first Artists To Watch, Tiffany Houghton, has been cooped up in the studio working on new music.  Her new single is here just in time for the dog days of Summer!  “Catch Me If You Can” premiered at #1 on Radio Disney and the video for the song is just as bright and bubbly as Tiffany’s music.

In the music video, she plays Barbie, and Tiffany is everything Barbie is.  She’s an entrepreneur, she’s the CEO and head honcho of her own company, Instar Entertainment, and she writes her own music!

Watch the video for “Catch Me If You Can” below.

If you’re as obsessed with the track as we are, make sure you vote for Tiffany on Radio Disney!


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7 thoughts on “Tiffany Houghton Releases New Single “Catch Me If You Can””

  1. Tiffany is such a talented girl. This song is super catchy and her voice is amazing. Everyone needs to watch the music video, buy the song on iTunes and request it on radio Disney

  2. Everyone needs to listen to this song and watch the music video. It’s such a catchy song . Tiffany has an amazing voice . Request ‘ catch me if you can ‘ on radio Disney

  3. Ahh I love tiffany so much! This new song is amazing. I cannot stop listening to it! Everyone needs to listen to it. Tiffany always blows me away. She’s so talented.

  4. Tiffany is so talented and this song shows it! Really catchy song and the music video is great. Looking forward to seeing what is in store in the near future.

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