90s Fest With Smash Mouth, Naughty By Nature & More Coming To Brooklyn, NY!

JNCO Jeans are back, Tamagotchis are sort of back (via an app), next butterfly clips will be in style again!  And we all know that the 90s were the greatest decade for music, ever.   In honor of this magical decade, Brooklyn is hosting a “90s Fest” this September!  They’re holding a Mario Kart tournament, cocktails made from Crystal Pepsi, and an attempt at breaking the world record for the largest “Macarena” dance (we are so there)!  Tickets are on sale now.  Get yours while they last to relive the glory days – Furby not included.

The festival is brought to you by the rad people who run Governor’s Ball and FarmBorough Festival!  Check out the full lineup below.

90s Fest – Brooklyn, NY
September 12th 2015

Lisa Loeb
Naughty By Nature
Blind Melon
Saved By The 90s
Surprise Guest

Click HERE for tickets and more information about the festival and enjoy this photo of *NSYNC!



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