THE HEYDAZE Release New Single “Don Juan”

NYC’s THE HEYDAZE just released their brand new song “Don Juan!”  The track explores the lifestyle of the legendary stud.  While THE HEYDAZE haven’t been around for that long (their first show as a band was back in April),  they’ve already proven themselves to be masters of crafting catchy, playful tunes, with a penchant for lyrical puns.  Just like all of their songs, the melody gets stuck in your head and you find yourself singing it at the most inopportune times.  But you keep playing it again because it’s just that good!

Listen to “Don Juan” below on SoundCloud.

You can catch THE HEYDAZE on tour this Fall with Timeflies.  Check out all of the dates HERE!  “Like” THE HEYDAZE on Facebook for more music from the band for free!  Or if free music isn’t your thing, you can download from iTunes as well.

Be sure to follow THEY HEYDAZE and Secret Fangirls on Twitter.

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