The Friday Five: 90s Country Songs

Possibly the biggest country singer of the 90s, Garth Brooks, just held a press conference to announce that he is coming out of retirement and releasing a new album this fall.  And going on a world tour!  And this comes just days after another 90s icon, Shania Twain hinted at a tour next year (We need this to happen please!).  Country music was a lot different back then, before the development of the “bro-country” genre.  Here are some of our favorite country songs of the 90s!

1. Shania Twain – “That Don’t Impress Me Much”
It took much debating to decide which Shania video to include on this list.  But that leopard outfit alone made this video the clear front runner.  (Runner Up:  “Man I Feel Like a Woman”)

2. Billy Ray Cyrus – “Achy Breaky Heart”
We used to jump rope to this song in gym class.  Billy Ray’s mullet is out of control in this video.  And check out the amazing ensembles for inspiration – 90s fashion is back after all!   And did you catch Tish Cyrus dancing in the front row?

3. Faith Hill – “This Kiss”
There was no escaping this song in 1998, no matter what music genre you listened to.   Everything about this video is so 90s it hurts.  We’re still not sure why she’s riding on a peach.

4. LeAnn Rimes – “How Do I Live”
The original blonde teen pop-country crossover released her first album at the age of 13.  We’re pretty sure this song was played at every middle and high school dance that took place in the late 90s.

5.Lonestar – “Amazed”
Another song that was inescapable in the late 90s, and played at school dances and weddings nationwide.  You’ll probably still be able to sing along, even if you haven’t heard the song since.

Bonus: Shania Twain – “Man I Feel Like A Woman.”
We just couldn’t resist.  Let’s go girls.


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