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Fly By Midnight Premiere “Vinyl” Music Video

Pop duo Fly By Midnight just dropped the music video for their new single, “Vinyl.”  We fell in love with this track the first time we heard Justin Bryte and Slavo play it!   The song and video throw back to the good ole days before MP3s and swiping right – when you’d get someone’s phone number on a napkin, and just dance to your favorite record on vinyl.   It’s a perfect example of Fly By Midnight’s fun retro pop sound.  Watch the video below!

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Fly By Midnight Release New Single “Vinyl”

New York pop duo Fly By Midnight just released their latest single and it’s a TUUNEEE!!  “Vinyl” was one of our favorites that we heard at their show in NYC in September, but we can’t get enough of these guys.  Justin Bryte and Justin “Slavo” Slaven have cracked the pop code to create songs that make you want to groove like they used to!

The new single dreams of a time when we used to meet at bars without swiping right first, exchanging numbers on napkins instead of snapchats, and dancing to your favorite records because we all know vinyl sounds better!  Watch the official lyric video for “Vinyl” below.

Don’t ditch the MP3 just yet – pick up a copy of “Vinyl” on iTunes or Amazon now.

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