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The Friday Five: Christmas Albums

It’s Black Friday, which means you no longer have to wonder if it’s socially acceptable to start listening to Christmas music.  It’s on.   When you’re tired of hearing Taylor Swift’s “Last Christmas” playing at Target/The Mall/Everywhere You Go, here are some of our favorite Christmas albums.

1. *NSYNC – “Home For Christmas”
Definitely the greatest boyband Christmas album of all time (We are still surprised Backstreet Boys never made one!)  Of course, it also has the best Christmas music video of all time for “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.”

2. Hilary Duff – “Santa Clause Lane”
This video used to play on Disney Channel during every single commercial break.  Can you still do the Lil’ Romeo rap?  (We can.)

3. Music From “The O.C.” Mix 3: Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah”
Two of the most important things on “The O.C.” were music and Seth Cohen’s favorite holiday, Chrismukkah.   This soundtrack features original Holiday tracks from show favorites like Rooney, Jimmy Eat World, and The Raveonettes.

4. The Beach Boys – “The Beach Boys Christmas Album”
It’s hard to pick a favorite track off of this classic album, from their originals “Little Saint Nick” and “Merry Christmas, Baby” to their versions of Christmas standards.  We’ve been hearing these songs literally every year since birth, but we still aren’t tired of them.

5. Justin Bieber – “Under The Mistletoe”
We all love his single “Mistletoe,” and of course his remake of “All I Want for Christmas” with Mariah.  But our favorite is the beautiful acapella version of “Fa La La” featuring Boyz II Men.


The Beach Boys To Perform on Fox & Friends All American Concert Series

The Beach Boys are set to perform this Friday, August 15th as part of the “Fox & Friends” All American Concert Series.  The Beach Boys are America’s first pop band to reach a milestone of 50 years together.  We love that after all these years they’re still together – and touring!    They will discuss their summer tour and start your day performing some of the world’s most beloved summer sounds, including hits like “Good Vibrations” and “I Get Around.”  We’re hoping to hear “Don’t Worry, Baby,” which is one of our favorite songs of all time.

Be sure to tune into “Fox & Friends” on Friday, August 15th at 8AM or if you’re in NYC, head on down to the Fox News plaza at 1211 Avenue of The Americas to watch The Beach Boys perform!  Just make sure you line up early.

Listen to The Beach Boys “I Get Around” below!