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The Fangirl Handbook #3: Ticket Buying 101

We discussed Concert Etiquette & How to Meet the Band in the first two chapters of The Fangirl Handbook.  Now you know what to do at the show; but you’ve got to get tickets first!

There’s nothing better than when your favorite artist finally announces a big tour!  And let’s face it: there’s nothing worse than trying to buy tickets.   We’ve learned a lot over the years on how to get the best seats for any show, and want to share some of our advice.  We refuse to buy resale tickets, and with a little luck, determination and patience, have been able to get great seats to some of the hottest tickets in town.

1. Be sure to join the mailing list (free!) or fan club of all of your favorite artists.  They won’t email you a lot; and when they do it’s usually with important info like tour dates, or pre-sale passwords!   Some artists have completely affordable fan club options as well – for around $10 you can have access to pre-sale codes for an entire year of touring.   Of course artist’s #1 priority is selling tickets to their fans, not ticket brokers, so this is usually the best way to get tickets.  And, if you think about sharing the cost with everyone who’s going (say, a group of 4) and agree to split the cost of the membership, it’s just an extra $3 on top of your ticket price.  And you’re more likely to get a good seat.

2.  Keep up with Livenation on social media and email.  They will send out weekly updates; but these emails usually contain important info!  We’ve seen concert announcements via Livenation before the artists share the news.  Livenation is great at having pre-sales through social media (Facebook, Twitter) and their mobile app.  The codes are usually pretty easy to find, and if you ask them on Twitter they will likely help you out.

3.  Have a Ticketmaster account.  Every second counts when buying tickets, and having this extra step out of the way is one less thing to worry about!

4. Keep trying!  With popular shows, sometimes it can take the system a while to load.  Don’t be discouraged if you come up with no tickets after the 3rd (or 33rd try).  We’ve gotten great seats just by never giving up!!

5. Be ready to go before the on-sale time.  We like to set up a “ticket buying” station whenever possible.  We have open as many computers / iPads / iPhones as possible, with wallets and credit cards nearby just in case.  And if we’re buying for a group, we make sure to be on the phone / gchat / etc with them, just so we’re all in agreement on which seats to buy.  And so whomever gets the best seats gets those!

6.  Know what seats you want ahead of time.  The seating charts are always posted before the on-sale.  Discuss with your group which are your 1st, 2nd and even 3rd choice seats, what seats you do NOT want, and what to do if you only get literally the last row in the arena.  With an obstructed view.

7.  Know your price limit ahead of time and make sure everyone agrees.  Sometimes you aren’t able to see the different pricing levels until the on-sale starts.  It helps to have an absolute maximum price level set, so you aren’t panicked when that dreaded Ticketmaster timer is counting down!

Hope we haven’t given away too many of our secrets, but that this will help you score tickets to see your favorite artist on tour!

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