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The Railers Drop “11:59 (Central Standard Time)”

Country trio The Railers just dropped a brand new single, “11:59 (Central Standard Time)!”  We fell in love with The Railers’ sound when we caught them on tour with Hunter Hayes a few years back.  We’re thrilled to have new music from one of our favorite bands out of Nashville!  The new track brings a funky, party edge to The Railers’ classic bluesy country sound that had us grooving along by the time they hit the first chorus.  Listen to “11:59 (Central Standard Time)” below!

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Watch Dan + Shay’s “When I Pray For You” Video

Dan + Shay just released a new track and video from the upcoming soundtrack to the movie “The Shack.”  The emotional song, “When I Pray For You,” is written from a father’s point of view.  Shay Mooney, who just welcomed his first child, Asher James, with fiance Hannah Billingsley, had been posting lyrics to the track leading up to its release.  The song is a natural progression from the duo’s #1 single “From The Ground Up,” which was released almost exactly one year ago today.  Watch the music video below!

Pre-order the soundtrack to “The Shack” on iTunes now and get an instant download of “When I Pray For You” now!  The soundtrack also features new music from Dierks Bentley, Brett Eldredge, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill and more!

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Sam Hunt Releases New Single, “Body Like A Back Road”

Sam Hunt just released his brand new single “Body Like A Back Road” setting the tone for what our Summer soundtrack is going to be!  This is one of the first singles from Sam’s upcoming sophomore album and we can’t wait for more!  Sam has a knack for using fun and unusual word play in his songwriting, and this new single fits right in.  The track has Sam’s signature mix of country songwriting with more of an R&B sound.  “Body Like A Back Road” has that laid back, top down, wind in your hair, singing along at the top of your lungs kind of feel.

Listen to Sam Hunt’s new single “Body Like A Back Road” below.

Sam is also heading out on the “15 In A 30” Tour this Summer with Marren Morris, Chris Janson, and Ryan Follese!  Tickets go on sale this Friday, February 3rd, so be sure to grab yours before they’re gone. Check out all of the tour dates right here!

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Thomas Rhett Extends “Home Team Tour” Into 2017

Thomas Rhett just surprised us with some amazing news on this gloomy Tuesday in January – he’s extending the Home Team Tour well into 2017 and added a bunch of new tour dates!!  Venues and exact dates are still a secret but TR posted a list of the new cities on his Instagram this morning and he’ll be hitting a lot more of the Northern states but nothing in the North East – at least not yet.  We’ve still got our fingers crossed he’ll add a NY/NJ show or even  CT date to the tour.  Check out the new cities listed below.

New 2017 “Home Team Tour” Cities:
London, UK
Birmingham, UK
Manchester, UK
Glasgow, UK
Belfast, UK
Abbotsford, BC
Dawson Creek, BC
Edmonton, AB
Lethbridge, AB
Regina, SK
Los Angeles, CA
San Diego, CA
Evansville, IN
Louisville, KY
Alpharetta, GA
Washington, DC
Columbia, SC
Pensacola, FL
Biloxi, MS
Columbia, MO
Kansas City, MO
Springfield, MO
Bismarck, ND
St Paul, MN
Omaha, NE

While we wait for the exact dates to be revealed, stay tuned and be sure to check out Thomas’s new video for “American Spirit” below.

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Dan + Shay Drop “How Not To” Music Video

Dan + Shay just dropped the music video for their new single, “How Not To!”   The intense video, directed by Patrick Tracy, has a powerful message and shows that even if you don’t know how not to do something, you can still learn from it and have a happy ending.  Watch the video below!

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Dierks Bentley Releases New Video For “Black”

Dierks Bentley just released the music video for his latest single “Black” featuring his beautiful wife Cassidy.  The  video focuses on Dierks and Cassidy together wandering the stunning Icelandic coast.  Dierks has talked about how this song and his new album of the same name explores the deepest parts of a relationship, and how it can bring two people even closer together.  Black just also happens to be Cassidy’s maiden name.

Watch the official video for “Black” below!

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Hunter Hayes Releases New Song “All For You”

Hunter Hayes got 2017 off to an awesome start, with new music!  He premiered a new track on “Good Morning America” called   “All For You.”    The song is from the soundtrack to the movie “Monster Trucks,” starring Lucas Till (aka the cute guy in the “Hannah Montana” movie).

Hunter also talked about his upcoming new album, which he’s been hard at work on for the last two and a half years.  We can’t wait for even more new music from Hunter in 2017!  Watch Hunter premiere “All For You” on GMA below!   We’re still fangirling over his guitar solo.

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Thomas Rhett Releases New Video for “American Spirit”

After rocking New Years Rockin’ Eve, Thomas Rhett sent out a New Year’s gift to his Home Team.  Thomas released a music video for “American Spirit” a new track from the deluxe edition of “Tangled Up.”   The video will definitely get you in the #Merica spirit.  2017 is set to be a big year for Thomas, as he heads out on a major headlining tour, the Home Team Tour with special guest Kelsea Ballerini.  Check out the dates here!

Watch the video for “American Spirit” below!

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Sam Hunt Drops New Track, “Drinkin’ Too Much”

Sam Hunt just gave everyone a New Year’s surprise we weren’t expecting!  He promised fans new music would be coming in 2017 and made good on that promise by dropping a new track just an hour into the new year.  The heartfelt and honest song, “Drinkin’ Too Much,” is about the girl who inspired Sam’s debut album “Montevallo.”  The emotional track has a real life happy ending- he just announced his engagement to girlfriend Hannah Lee Fowler.

Listen to the brand new song from Sam Hunt below!

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SecretFangirls.com Interview Brieanna James

Country is just full of new faces and Brieanna James is ready for her turn in the spotlight!  This fresh faced 18-year-old songbird just released her debut single, “Hot,” co-written with Kelsea Ballerini. The single will take you back to sticky hot Summer days where you wish for a sprinkler to run through and a nice cold sweet tea…oh yeah and a super hot guy to hand you that sweet tea!   Brieanna has a fun country-pop sound and we can’t wait to hear more from her soon!  She has been hard at work on her upcoming EP.

We had the chance to talk to Brieanna about who she would fangirl over, what it was like to write with Kelsea, her dream tour lineup and more!  Read our interview and get to know Brieanna James below.  Pickup a copy of “Hot” on iTunes now!

SecretFangirls.com: How would you describe your songwriting style?
Brieanna James: To be honest,  I don’t know if I have a certain style of songwriting.  I write every genre of music and I try to create new sounds and melodies so I can change things up a bit.  I usually stick to the idea of love when I write because it’s my favorite thing to write about, but I just love writing in general.  I have two sides to me. The sassy, flirty, light hearted side and  the deep and serious “I’m in love” or “I got my heartbroken” side.  When I’m extremely emotionally attached to a song, it usually comes out as a more serious or “deep” song.

What was it like writing your debut single with Kelsea Ballerini?
Kelsea Ballerini is awesome! I’m a huge fan! I love her music. Honestly, it was such a blessing that I scored a cowrite with her.  You can really learn so much from artist you respect and admire.

What artist do you look up to/whose footsteps would you like to follow?
Taylor Swift.  I love her and plus if I had to choose any artist footsteps I’d like to follow it would definitely be her.

Who would you, or who have you, totally fangirled over?

Okay, so there I was enjoying a nice meal at a restaurant called BIRDS in Los Angeles with my parents and this guy comes walking down the hall behind where I was seated.  I turned and looked and I guess my brain was short-circuiting because I stared at the beautiful 6′ 4″ God made hottie for a full 6 seconds before I realized that it was my ULTIMATE celebrity crush… NICK BATEMAN.  By the time I realized it was him he was walking right directly behind me and my immediate and natural reaction was to make this really loud gasping noise.  Everyone in the restaurant heard it, including him!  My parents, who were bickering at the time, stopped and said “What?!” And I said… “That’s Nick Bateman!” My mom was probably as excited as me. Long story short, I finally walked up to him, talked to him, and got a picture with him. (HE LIKED MY INSTAGRAM PICTURE GUYS!) Oh and btw, I’m 18, but the guy is like 29 years old.  So yeah I kinda always knew it was never happening for us. However, it never really hit me till I met him and I realized he probably looked at me like I was a child.  The height difference didn’t help either. So basically, my dreams were met and crushed all in one day.

If you could only take 1 album with you on a road trip, what would you bring?
I’d probably pick a Taylor swift album, like her very first album, or maybe “Fearless.” It’s just… Who doesn’t like Taylor Swift?!

Do you have any pre-concert rituals?
Just a lot of practice.  I run over my lyrics again and again even though I know I have them down. I just wanna make sure I don’t mess up, ya know? So those two things, and I pray.

How would you describe a Brieanna James concert in 3 words?
Well, I can’t completely answer this because I haven’t performed a full blown Brieanna James concert like I want to yet. However, when I do, I can tell you that there will probably be lots of lights, and fire, and ashes, and rain, and pyrotechnics!  I wanna be able to entertain people and put on a real show! I want people to leave with memories that will never leave them!

Who would be on your dream lineup, yourself included?

There way too many!  The dream would be Sam Hunt and Taylor Swift.  I would be thrilled to tour with Kelsea Ballerina, Brett Eldredge, I’m a big fan of Dan + Shay also!

What can fans look forward to from you in 2017?
Fans can look forward to new music, my first EP, more shows and some other exciting stuff I have in the works.

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