The Friday Five: CMJ Artists To Watch

CMJ Music Marathon is a week long festival that literally takes over any and every music venue in NYC.  It’s an entire week filled with seminars on the music industry, concerts, and new emerging artists playing pop up shows all around the 5 boroughs.   It’s worth checking out a showcase or two, and we suggest staying to catch all of the artists – you never know, you might just find your new favorite band!  One of us worked the festival last year and it was one of the most fun experiences we’ve ever had!  Here are our top five picks for bands to catch at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon.

1. Born Cages
Coming back for round two at CMJ, Born Cages are ready to hit the ground running with their latest single “Rolling Down The Hill”.  The band are playing a few shows for CMJ this year so be sure to catch them this year.

2. We Are Stations
Playing their first CMJ festival this year, We Are Stations aren’t afraid to give it their all.  Armed with a Foo Fighters sound and positive songs that can turn that frown upside down, this is a show you don’t want to miss at CMJ this year.  When we spoke with the band over the summer, they teased each other as well as a possible EP!

3. The Ugly Club
If you like Walk The Moon, there’s a chance you might like The Ugly Club.  Despite their name, the band is actually really easy on the eyes but that’s just an added bonus.   Spot one of their stickers around the five boroughs and tweet a picture of it- there could be a surprise in store for you!

4. The Rare Occasions
Continuing the grunge trend in 2014, The Rare Occasions are here and they’re going to take over your playlists one song at a time. The bands latest single is huge and we will definitely have this in heavy rotation in the fangirl offices!

5. Bailen
Bailen (previously The Bailen Brothers), is made up of twin brothers, their sister, and a family friend and honorary Bailen.   They first caught our attention when they opened for CMJ alumni AJR earlier this year.   If you like infectious melodies and harmonizing siblings, Bailen is definitely worth checking out.  

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