Phase V Launch Indie Go-Go Campaign To Fund Debut EP

LA based boyband Phase V have launched an Indie Go-Go campaign to help fund their debut EP.  They’ve released a single so far and have performed with more than a few big names.  We love that they are staying true to the boyband genre, with smooth harmonies and dance moves.  Now, Phase Five are setting their sights on releasing their debut EP.  Contribution perks include anything from a signed Phase V poser, to Skype session with the band, a chance to hang out with the band in the recording studio, even a date with your favorite Phase V band member!

Watch the announcement from the band below and if you are able to spare a few dollars, click HERE to support the future of true boy bands!

Pick up a copy of the bands first single, “Drop It” on iTunes or Amazon.

Be sure to follow PhaseV and Secret Fangirls on Twitter for the latest on your new favorite artists!

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