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Friday Five: New Artists To Watch

It’s been a while since we did a Friday Five but we’re bringing it back!! Each week, new music is released on Fridays and gets our weekend off to an awesome start. It’s hard to sift through all of the new tracks if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Sometimes we let the Youtube shuffle do it’s thing and lead us in new places we never ventured before. Other times we take cues from our current favorite bands and see who they’re playing shows with or what they’re listening to.  This week, let us help you find your new favorite artist to elevate your weekend to the next level!  Check out our Friday Five New Artists To Watch!

Chase Atlantic – “Into It”  
Chase Atlantic just released their new video for “Into It” on Snapchat which is great because that’s where we spend most of our social media time anyway. Genius idea, awesome band, perfect song.

Citizen Four – “Testify” 
They sing in 4 part harmony, have luscious hair, cool boy style, and they dance. What more do you want in a boy band?! Watch C4’s lyric video for “Testify” and you’ll be a fan before it’s over.

James Maslow – “How I Like It”
Okay, so he’s not “NEW” but as a solo artist he is brand new! James Maslow, from BTR, just released his first solo album and it’s SO GOOD SO GOOD!!  “How I Like It” is the first single and that’s how we like it.

Seaway – “Slam” 
Whether you saw Seaway opening for Real Friends with Moose Blood or you’re catching them on the upcoming Simple Plan tour, these Canadians bring back everything we loved about late 90s/early 00s pop punk.  Every song from these guys gets us jumping and screaming “EVERYTHING IS COOL MAN!”

As It Is – “Hey Rachel” 
Patty Walters poured his heart and soul into the latest As It Is record and his raw honesty on the song “Hey Rachel” is showing us that it’s okay to be well…just, Okay. Even when you don’t think you’re fine, you’ll always have your family to lean on.

Citizen Four Release New Single, “Testify”

Your new favorite boyband, Citizen Four, just dropped their new single “Testify!” We saw the guys perform the track at Arthur Ashe Kids Day over the Summer and we knew it would be a smash!   The upbeat track will get you grooving along in no time.   And you know we love Conner, Carson, Josh, and Austin ‘s sweet dance moves!


“We are so excited to be kicking off this year with a new song for our fans! The first time we heard our vocals all together on Testify, we instantly knew it was going to be a single. It’s a special song for us because it shows off our diverse backgrounds and has helped shape the overall vibe of our band.” – Citizen Four


Watch the official lyric video for “Testify” below.


 Pickup a copy of “Testify” on iTunes now!  We have our fingers crossed for some more C4 tour dates soon!


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