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Spencer Sutherland Dazzles NYC’s Irving Plaza

Pop’s rising superstar Spencer Sutherland brought his “In His Mania Tour” to NYC recently and he made it a night fans won’t soon forget! From the incredibly talented openers like breakout queer icon Jordy, to the second Spencer left the stage, the fans were singing every word.

Jordy hit the stage illuminated by a rainbow neon heart sign with his name in it and a band behind him that really let him shine. Singing his heart out, Jordy was just as excited to be on the stage as the fans were to connect with his open and honest lyrics. Tracks like “Long Distance,” his viral hit “Dry Spell” and even a dance remix cover of Hilary Duff’s iconic single “Come Clean” got the crowd’s energy soaring!

Jordy took a moment to acknowledge the TikTok craze that’s spawned from his latest single, “The Story Of A Boy” which is a playful rewrite of the early 00s band Nine Days’ hit single “Absolutely (Story Of A Girl).” He even brought out the band’s lead singer/songwriter John Hampson for the song!

Spencer Sutherland paired his high energy with a funky floral printed vest and matching bellbottoms that made him look every part the rockstar that he is! Vocally, Spencer soared through fan favorites and instant classics from his debut album, In His Mania, hitting all of the right notes and sweet vocal runs that make his live show so unique.

Performing tracks like “Jealousy,” “Paranoia,” and weaving in a cover of ‘A Thousand Miles’ by Vanessa Carlton into his song “Strange Feeling” proved that Spencer has the prowess and know-how to soon be selling out arenas across the world. “Chicken Little,” is an unreleased track but the fans knew every single word! Covering an Elton John song is no easy feat but Spencer tackled “Benny and the Jets” as if it were his own song with the ease of a seasoned pro!

For his encore, Spencer donned a red and white custom vest to match the vibe of the record and left fans eagerly wanting another show in NYC very very soon!

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