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Robert Schwartzman’s California Roll Tour Rolls Into NYC

Robert Schwartzman’s NYC stop on The California Roll Tour was delayed for two days – Robert’s bus broke down in Connecticut and couldn’t roll anywhere.  An early reminder of one of the (few) drawbacks about a venue on wheels – the show literally can’t go on without the bus!  The bus was eventually fixed, and parked in NoHo on a crisp Fall evening.  We’re hoping after this one small setback, the bus will make it back to CA problem free! (So far so good.)


Leading up to the concert, there was an extra layer of excitement: for the first time in a while, we had literally no idea what to expect from a tour.  Would the bus be moving?  What will the seats be like?  How many people will be there?  What songs will he play?  Where will the bus be?  (Emails are sent out the day before/day of the show with the location).   And for people who go to a LOT of concerts such as ourselves, it was refreshing to have something new to look forward to for a change. 


The bus was by far the most intimate venue we’ve ever been in – two rows of seats that held a dozen or so fans, plus Robert, the bus driver, and the tour manager. The show was friendly and relaxed, much like Robert himself.  He played a mix of songs, which fans had the chance to vote for online, and were welcome to shout out requests throughout the evening.  The set included Rooney classics, and some of Robert’s solo material, including tracks from his last album “Double Capricorn” and the “Palo Alto” soundtrack.  Basically, it was one big singalong.  And it was awesome.  
Robert gave personal anecdotes about each song, and told us that the songs from the first Rooney album always remind him of NYC, as he wrote them when he lived in the city for college.  He told us his favorite songs to play are the ones that the fans want to hear – we’re sure passerby on the street were wondering just what was happening inside bus as it rocked side to side during “I’m Shakin’.”


We also got to hear a preview of some of the new music Robert has been working on, for an album due out sometime next Spring.  All we can say is WOW.  We were blown away by the tracks, and it’s so good to hear some more classic pop-rock sounds (we miss hearing guitars and instruments!!)   Get ready for this album.

If you can make it to a stop on the California Roll Tour – GO!  It’s such a unique and memorable experience, and Robert is just plain awesome.  Check out all the upcoming dates HERE.

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While his next tour will likely be back in traditional venues, Robert said he’s not getting rid of the bus.  He hopes to keep the tradition alive with some after parties, and more singalongs.  Knowing Robert, we’re sure he’ll come up with something else equally awesome.  And we can’t wait.

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