Album Review: RedHook – “Postcard From A Living Hell”

RedHook is the latest alt rock foursome to come from Sydney, Australia and they just released one of our favorite records this year. “Postcard From A Living Hell” tackles the darkest parts of singer Emmy Mack’s subconsciousness and sees her processing her trauma through an Alice In Wonderland tinted looking glass.

The first track hooks you in with a polished riff and a trap dum beat before Emmy spits the words of a postcard written from rock bottom. When asked about the song, Emmy states that “Postcard Xo” tackles “wrestling with feelings of guilt, shame and worthlessness and wishing the worst for yourself – because that’s exactly what you feel like you deserve.”

“The Critic” is a full of buzzsaw guitar riffs, Gamyboy synths and a 1-2 sucker punch of radio friendly perfection attacking the voice in our own head that tells us we’re doomed to fail while “Psych Vs. Psych” sees RedHook showcasing their musical shapeshifting abilities blending rap and metalcore painting a picture of a toxic relationship stalemate of mutual victim mentality.

Yours Truly’s hops on “Imposter” bringing two female powerhouses together to craft a sci-fi fantasy to try and understand the lies and manipulations of narcissistic ex-partners. “Low Budget Horror” is a stand out track as an emo-bass banger as Emmy strikes back and mocks online trolls with a string of horror movie references.

Rounding out the angst filled record, “Inarticulate” features The Faim in a heartfelt rock ballad addressing the feeling of helplessness trying to save a loved one trapped in life-threatening depression.

RedHook managed to write such a rock solid album that we can’t wait to see where they go next and hopefully that brings them stateside! For now, fans in Australia can catch RedHook through the end of May with Bad/Love, Belle Haven, and Grenade Jumper. The band are heading to the UK with Stand Atlantic as well as a huge slot on the famed Download Festival and the juggernaut Rock For The People festival in Czech Republic this June! See all of RedHook’s tour dates here and grab your tickets while you can!

Watch the official video for “Postcard Xo” below.

Pick up a copy of RedHook’s debut album “Postcard From A Living Hell” including exclusive color vinyl variants, koozies, and an actual postcard with the album art! You can also stream the album on all of your favorite platforms!

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