Waterparks Premiere “Royal” Music Video

Waterparks just premiered the brand new music video for their latest single “Royal” off their debut album “Double Dare.”  The video features clips of the band performing in an empty warehouse cut between scenes of lead singer Awsten Knight dressed in all white in what seems to be a mental hospital.  There is some 90s boyband choreography going on that we hope they bring on tour with them!

Watch the video below and we double dare you not to sing along by the end.

Don’t forget to get your tickets to Waterparks’ first ever headlining tour this Spring!  Tickets are selling out fast and NYC even got upgraded to a bigger room and that’s selling out as well.  Check out all of the tour dates here.

Grab a copy of Waterparks’ debut album “Double Dare” on iTunes or Amazon so you can sing along on tour.

Be sure to follow Waterparks and Secret Fangirls on Twitter.

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