New Politics Release “EveryWhere I Go” Video

We’ll be honest – Pete Wentz has an ear for bands that eventually take off.  He recently signed Copenhagen-by-way-of Brooklyn band New Politics to his re-launched DCD2 label. Made up of two friends from Denmark (David Boyd and Soren Hansen) and one insanely talented Long Island drummer (Louis Vecchio), this pop/rock/electronica dance trio will have you singing and dancing to their music before their set is done!  Oh, and you might want to pick up your jaw from the floor as soon as David Boyd shows you his breakdancing background.

New Politics just released the official video for their latest single “Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)”.  The band are in the middle of their “Everywhere I Go” Tour with Bad Suns and SomeKindaWonderful which wraps up at the end of November.

Watch the official video for “Everywhere I Go” below.

Pick up a copy of New Politics single “Everywhere I Go (Kings And Queens) on iTunes or Amazon now.

Follow New Politics and Secret Fangirls on twitter for the latest on your favorite artists.

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