Austin Mahone’s “Secret” Video

Austin “the one-man-boy-band”  Mahone just released the video for “Secret,” off his debut EP “The Secret.”  In case you missed Austin on tour this summer, or want to re-live it, the video gives a peek at Austin’s live show.  Which means tons of energy, smooth choreography, a tank top, and lots of fangirls.  Watch it below!

“Secret” is one of our favorite Austin tracks – we love the 90s vibe of the song, complete with a slow breakdown and a hint of Britney Spears’ “Stronger.”   And Austin totally knows what he’s doing: as he recently told Billboard about the EP, “the style I was going for was more of that *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys vibe, ’cause I knew a lot of the older girls like that.”   Excellent plan, Austin.

Mahomies in NYC can see  Austin this weekend in a performance following the New York Mets game on Saturday, September 27th!   Get more info here.  In October, Austin will be heading down to South America for a few shows, then heading to Miami to work on his album.  We can’t wait.  (Keep up the *NSYNC & Backstreet Boys vibes, please!)

Be sure to follow Austin Mahone & Secret Fangirls for more updates!

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