5 Seconds Of Summer Release “Everything I Didn’t Say”

As the US release date fast approaches for 5 Seconds Of Summer’s highly anticipated debut album, more tracks are being released for pre-order downloads.  Now, when you pre-order the album on iTunes in the United States, you get “Everything I Didn’t Say” instantly!

Don’t forget to tune into the Today Show on July 22nd to see the Australian punk rockers perform live in the plaza.  If you didn’t get a fan pass, you can still show up to see them perform live! The earlier, the better.

Listen to the audio of “Everything I Didn’t Say now!

Pick up a copy of the “She Looks So Perfect” EP on iTunes and pre-order your copy of 5SOS’s debut album on iTunes now!

Be sure to follow 5 Seconds Of Summer and Secret Fangirls on Twitter.

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