Interview With Born Cages!

One of our favorite local NYC bands to burst onto the scene in recent months, Born Cages, are gearing up to release a debut full length with Razor&Tie/Washington Square Music later this year.  Since October, we’ve been lucky enough to watch their audiences grow from about 15 people to close to 200 people! Comprised of lead singer/guitarist Vlad Holiday, keyboardist Amanda Carl, bassist Pete Malleo, and drummer Dave Tantao, Born Cages capture pure energy and emotion on “The Sidelines EP” with some pretty insane guitar solos and infectious melodies. 

In anticipation of the band’s new album, rumored to be out this fall (fingers crossed), Holiday graciously took the time to answer some of our burning questions! There are rumors of a fall release for a Born Cages full length album. Is there any truth to them?
Vlad Holiday: We’re working our way to the album. We’re gonna be doing some more touring before we release it, but we’re definitely hoping to have it out this year.


SF: Is there a song on the album or that you’ve written that you are itching to release?
VH: There’s a couple that come to mind. Actually I haven’t told anyone this yet, but we’re going to release a new track from the album very soon, so keep an ear out for that! It’s definitely one that I’ve been itching to put out.

SF: What song means the most to you that you’ve written?  Will it make it on the album?
VH: That’s tough to say…but I wrote a song about a fan that was going through some very dark times. It ended up being one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, and will definitely be on the album. A couple months ago we toured in his area and sang the song live for him for the first time – it was kind of a surreal feeling.
SF: Is there a specific inspiration or vibe that has to be present to write?
VH: There definitely needs to be inspiration. I can try to edit a song or part at almost any time, but I can’t force myself to write a song from nothing when I’m not inspired.
SF: Do you guys have any pre show rituals?
VH: I like to warm up my voice before every show. Actually it suffers a bit when I don’t. I sing along backstage to this weird playlist I have on my iPhone, and typically all the other bands stare at me like I’m doing voodoo.


SF: What would be your “must-haves” on a tour rider?
VH: Wifi and alcohol are nice.
SF: What is your favorite song to perform live?
VH: I love playing the songs people know. We’ve been fortunate enough to start having people singing along every now and then, and one of the biggest validation for creating a song or performing a song is for the audience to relate and to join in on the experience.
SF: Who would be on your dream tour lineup?  
VH: Let’s say The Vaccines, Metric, Haerts, and us. I’m gonna leave the obvious arena bands off this list.
SF: What musician would you totally “fan girl” over if you met?
VH: I totally didn’t fan girl when I met Metric’s drummer Joules and told him that my band covered his. So, I wouldn’t know… Oh, and I’ve always said I need to shake Paul McCartney’s hand before I die. Scr3w the h8ers
SF: What was the first concert you went to?
VH: Queens Of The Stone Age when Songs For The Deaf came out.
SF: Who are your biggest musical influences?
VH: That’s classified information, lady. Well the truth is, my biggest musical inspirations come from different corners for different reasons. I love blues guitar music, but not in love with some of the songwriting or vocals in that field. I love ambient and moody songs like Lykke Li’s for example, but when I’m in a certain mood I’ll need some M.I.A. to pretend to dance to. I love U2 for their lyrics and grandeur but sometimes I need something that rocks a bit harder. I love The Beatles, but… well they’re just all around great. I’ve got too many musical influences to even narrow it down to a list of 10 without it feeling like it’s taken out of context. The best way to know who inspires someone to write is to listen to what they write.

Watch the video for Born Cages’ latest single, “Don’t Look Back” now!

You can catch Born Cages live on tour this June!
June 7th – MilkBoy – Philadelphia, PA  – Buy Tickets
June 8th – Marlin Room at Webster Hall – New York, NY – Buy Tickets
June 9th – Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 – New York, NY – Suggested donation $5 (or a sweet high five!)
June 30th – Pianos – New York, NY – Buy Tickets
July 3rd – Glasslands – Brooklyn, NY – Buy Tickets

Pick up a copy of “The Sidelines EP” on iTunes or Amazon so you can sing along at the show!

Be sure to follow Born Cages and on Twitter for the latest on all of your favorite artists!

Header Photo:  Nicole Mago

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