Dan + Shay Debut the Story + Song Series with “Show You Off”

Dan + Shay’s debut album, “Where It All Began,” has been out for a week now, and we don’t know about you but we’ve been listening to it non-stop!  The duo’s first single from the album, “19 You + Me” is steadily climbing the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, as well as hanging out in the top spot of the Heat Seekers Chart this week!

Dan + Shay debuted a new series, “Story + Song,” so you can hear the story behind your favorite track!  They’ll be releasing a new video every Tuesday, so be sure to visit Dan+Shay.com for the latest!  If we HAD to pick, our favorite songs are “Parking Brake” and “What You Do To Me,” and we can’t wait to hear the story behind them.

Check out the story behind “Show You Off” in the video below!

Be sure to follow Dan + Shay on Twitter for more updates!
Pick up a copy of “Where It All Began” on iTunes and Amazon.  We’re calling it as the album of the summer!

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