Dan+Shay’s Debut Album “Where It All Began” Is Out Now!

Country duo Dan+Shay just released their debut album, “Where It All Began!”   The duo, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, met just a year ago in Nashville (in a tent of all places), and started writing songs together the next morning.  It’s been a whirlwind year for them, with the early success of their single, “19 You + Me,” which was added to country radio stations across the US last fall, and has peaked at #12 on the charts as of release day.   They have already been nominated for an Academy of Country Music Award for Vocals Duo of the Year.   Tune in on April 6th to see if they win!

Dan + Shay have been releasing tracks in anticipation of the album, including “19 You + Me,”  “What You Do To Me,” and “Show You Off.”  Each track has already been in heavy rotation in the Secret Fangirl office!  (We may have played “What You Do To Me” about 10 times in a row after it was released during the Oscars.)  The album has been streaming on Spotify for the past week, and yes we have been playing it every day since.  We’re so excited to get the full album for ourselves!

From the first notes of this album, you know it’s going to be on repeat all summer long!  The album is the perfect blend of country crooning, upbeat pop melodies, and lyrics that make us wish it was perpetually summer.  Dan+Shay nailed it not only musically, but from live performances to hanging out with fans before concerts, these guys have the star quality and potential to become heavy hitters in the country world within the next year. Hopefully they can become the next big crossover duo into the pop world, too!

It’s really difficult to pick a favorite song, they’re all so good! A few standout tracks are definitely “Stop Drop + Roll”, “Parking Brake”, and “First Time Feeling”.

Basically, this album makes us want to drive around with the windows down, drinking real Southern sweet tea, and pick up our acoustic guitar again.

Dan + Shay FB photo
Make sure you pick up your copy of Dan+Shay’s debut album, “Where It All Began” on iTunes and Amazon now!

Be sure to catch Dan+Shay on tour with Hunter Hayes right now! Get dates and ticket info HERE. If you missed out on tickets for this tour, Dan+Shay are hopping on the “Ten Times Crazier” Tour with Blake Shelton in June! Get all the dates and ticket info HERE.

Be sure to visit DanAndShay.com and  don’t forget to follow Dan+Shay on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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